SOTA, July 2016


Military Update 6/1/16 – Skill Plans, Spring Cleaning, and Fun

7o Bravelings May was an exciting and action-packed month for us. We’ve been welcoming a boatload of new players, flying battleships in real engagements (and actually doing pretty damn well), Continue Reading →

Revenant Kill by Brave Collective and friends

First thing to know is a Revenant is a faction supercarrier that costs roughly 100B, before fittings. This is the cost of your average Titan. Normal supercarriers cost a fourth Continue Reading →

Can’t-think-of-a-good-Title Announcement, AKA Drama Post #73289746123784612938746

Notes in blue are our own. Picture above is a nurse. Get it!? Because nurse, because pandemic horde, because virus, because Hospital, hence nurse! No!? Well neither do we, but Continue Reading →

CCP Manifest says a few words about John Bellicose


7o CCP Manifest. Thank you for your kind words about John.