120mil ISK Rifter – 4th Place (1)

4th Place (1)
120mil ISK Rifter

Prize: 350m ISK
Author: Lavaflake

Can we re-create this and set it to Benny Hill music? What better way to capture the Brave spirit than looting, looting and looting again. A true roller coaster ride, I really thought you’d pull it off the second time! And the third! The lesson here isn’t not to loot, it’s to keep trying till you win! Notes in Blue are our own.

I joined Brave Newbies two weeks ago and since then I have not strayed beyond the three systems I call home. I1Y, for trading, U-H for mining and 3-F to haul goods. This was enough for me but once I got settled in I started wanting more from EVE.

My eyes are always glued to the intel channel and while I’m shooting rocks and hauling equipment that won’t sell my fellow Newbies are off exploring, fighting and having adventures. I wanted in on that action. Unfortunately, while I can afford some pretty cool ships the best I can pilot is a T1 frigate.

According to a 5 year old guide I found for the Rifter, my frigate of choice, it was a PVP god. A search on reddit revealed that is no longer the case but it didn’t stop me from making a high sec run to buy the BPO and enough fittings for 20 ships. I figured: I need to learn in something so why not something that looks awesome?

I don’t know if it was the time of day or if spais leaked intel that I was on the prowl but after an hour of wandering around our constellations I didn’t see a single ship on my overview. I scooped some T1 drones in 9SBB-9, I found a corpse in Z-UZZN and while it took 15 mins of slow afterburning I hit the motherload with 5 T2 drones in 9CG6-H. Scavenging wasn’t the plan but exploring our home and talking to strangers was fun.

A couple systems away a fellow Newbie was struggling with escalations in a dread site (dead site?) and I offered to help but they politely refused. I guess they needed DPS more than team spirit. I decided to go check out the system anyway since I was in the area and it all seemed to loop back to I1Y.

I feel bad typing all this preamble because the story is only just getting started.

I landed in V-LEKM and the first thing I noticed: there were 2 wrecks on the gate, 3 rats nearby and 20 reds in local. After 9CG I wasn’t too concerned about the reds but I was very interested in the wrecks. One was a Rookie ship and the other an Asteros. I used my minute of cloak to plan my scavenging: celestial to escape to, bookmarked the wrecks in case I needed to warp back, etc.

Within seconds of uncloaking the rats had me webbed and scrammed. I’m assuming they had some elite rat FC calling the shots because I had never seen rats lock on so quickly. I managed to make it to the Asteros wreck and loot everything I could then burned it back to the gate. They say that at the highest level, when in “the zone”, time seems to slow down and it’s like you react with inhuman speed to navigate otherwise impossible situations.

That did not happen. I got jammed, I looted and then I was in P-Z. It took 20-25 seconds but all I could remember was that the wreck had 2 small containers left inside. That, and that my Small Armor Repper/200mm plate combo was garbage.

My cargohold was filled with scavenged drones, that dead body and then there was the rest of the Asteros loot. I don’t know if it was the adrenaline or some sort of mental deficiency but I decided to go back in and attempt to loot the small containers despite not having the space for them. I was like “no, I can do this.”


I wasn’t upset with the loss since I made that ship 100% expecting to lose it but I did feel dumb. One thing was certain: I wanted that loot back. I grabbed a Probe, aka the ghetto taxi, and fit it with warp core stabilizers, a prototype cloak, a MWD and an AB plus some cargo expanders. I was determined to get my loot back and scoop those containers too.

I hopped the 6 jumps back this time going through OTK (the intel map is so useful for travel) and when I landed in V-LEKM you would not believe the scene. There were 10+ rats on the gate and it was littered with wrecks. This wasn’t my mess, apparently the rats had set up a murder hole on the side of the system and I was now passing through it. Man, I wanted those wrecks but I was already on a mission. A rat pretty much instalocked me but with my warp core stabs I got out.

I think it was the combination of escaping that rat camp plus having a cloak because I was feeling confident. Cocky. With no plan I warped straight to the wreck I had bookmarked and looted everything I could. I even checked an empty wreck. I tried to cloak but it said I was too close to a wreck so I thought “ok, I’ll just warp away, no problem.”

Turns out a Probe isn’t as tanky as a Rifter.


When this happened I didn’t know what was in the containers or if I had even looted them. I didn’t check the killmail or killboards. In the past I’ve lost several ships and it’s never really bothered me but this one… I was upset. I actually ragequit the game and said out loud “fuck this game I’m never playing it again.” I was so mad and I think a big part of it was because right before I died a neut jumped through the gate and witnessed the fail train I had caused. There was the Asteros wreck, a rookie ship wreck, my rifter wreck and now my probe’s wreck. Infinite shame.

When I had calmed down a bit I decided to check the killboards to see how embarassing it looked. That’s when I saw that the Probe was worth 120mil ISK and had dropped half of it. I rebuilt the ghetto taxi in record time and I headed out with dollar signs in my eyes. I went back through OTK, dodged the super gang on the far side of VLEK-M and I got ready to try again. This time I was better fit, more experienced; I was ready. I warped in 10k off my wreck bookmark and immediately cloaked.

Now, do you know how slow a cloaked Probe is? I do, it’s 35m/s. The plan was to slowboat over while cloaked, loot the wreck then warp away… but seriously… 35m/s. That’s 5 minutes. That’s a lifetime. I warped away to the sun then warped back in to the wreck at 0.

I didn’t realize this until I was warping back in but I had no idea where the loot window was going to open in my mess of a UI. To get in there, actually click on the little dot for the wreck, open the cargo, loot everything and then finally warp out all in a matter of seconds…


It was too much for my newbie brain to handle. I wasn’t even mad this time; I repeated the exact same plan that failed the first time and to no surprise it failed again. I’m happy to say the story doesn’t end here. I fit up a third ghetto taxi and made my way back to VLEK-M. I warped to the wreck at 10km, cloaked, approached, looted then warped away safely. The haul: 600k isk.

Good times