Doctrines: Get Hyped, Part 2 (Arik’s Mea Culpa)

Brave, Part of my job is making tough decisions and admit when I’m wrong. When we made the call for Apocs, it was a tough decision. Now I have to Continue Reading →

The Apoc vs. The Eagle and Logi

The allure of EVE is ultimately your downfall. Fist, never chase doctrines. Ever! As Uncle Dunk Dinkle puts it. First: Continue to train toward Scimitars with Logistics V Eagle/Scimitar fleets Continue Reading →

Phoebe: Shadows of the Empire

CCP, the parent company on EVE, has certainly shaken things up with their planned Phoebe expansion (releasing November 4th). The implications are cloudy at best, as everyone is on a Continue Reading →

Phoebe: Bomber Changes

Should New Players Train Bombers? The changes of Phoebe put the new player in a unique perspective. As larger organizations scramble to find cohesive new doctrines post-Phoebe, newer players will Continue Reading →


Fun fleets up significantly  Intro FC’s have been running things  Some of the systems we took from Provibloc swapped hands again  We got PL’d in GE- and HED  Hero put Continue Reading →