Brave Military Director: Arik Alabel Steps Down

We at will go ahead and say it, “Arik Alabel was the best military director Brave Newbies has ever had.” Arik was approachable, hospitable, and always a gentleman. He Continue Reading →

Jump Clones, Sakht VI – Moon 7 and You.

We are deploying to Sakht VI – Moon 7 – Genolution Biotech Production. So, if you wish to set up a jumpclone there, you can even though we have no Continue Reading →

BRAVE SOTC 3-27-2015


The Brave and the Beautiful,

The last few weeks has seen an abundance of two things: news about Eve online, and space drama. Continue Reading →

The AMAZING RACE =D 28 March @ 22:00 Eve time!

Brave & HERO! Okay~ so… some tough times aye? Well, how about a fun, crazy event for us to remember what it means to fly with Brave! The TiDi Division Continue Reading →

On Being BRAVE



When I first joined Brave Newbies, an FC said EVE Online costs two things: time and money – your time and your money. We don’t tell you how to play. If you want to get blow up – go ahead! But try and take some of those bastards with you.

I’ve been in Brave Newbies for over one year. And I can tell you this:

Brave Newbies respects the individuality and differences of its members.

They never once told me to stay docked (although they might have suggested it).  They never once told me “how to win the game.” It’s a game after all. A very hard, brutal, and unforgiving game. But a game nonetheless. Last night, someone spoke up in comms why he joined Brave Newbies. It’s quite a nice tale to listen to.