Lychton Steps Down – Nancy Crow now CEO – Dunk Stop!


**Warning this is disheartening to hear!**

A stark contrast to Lychton Kondur’s election in Barleguet. Lychton Kondur unceremoniously handed over the reins to the “Shell of HERO coalition” Brave Alliance, and BNI to Nancy Crow – effective immediately!
Lychton will be transferring the IRL components of BRAVE, including the 501c to Nancy in the next three weeks. Continue Reading →

You Are Thinking of Coming Back to EVE. BRAVE, What’s Been Happening So Far?


First, we would like to say welcome back! Now you can peruse the website, reddit, or the forums. But who’s got that kind of time? Watch 300.

Where is everyone? See 300.

Good news, we still have a group of dedicated and talented individuals. Continue Reading →

Battle vs Pandemic Horde (September 2nd, 2015)


Low Sec: The Family Reunion of Misfit Toys


NSFW strong language

I could write a long winded story of what low security space is like, or I could show you but neither is art. After all art is a metaphor, and it’s what one brings to it that illuminates the truth, rather than placid objectivity that is presented as “fact” or what we in EVE call “narrative”. Continue Reading →