EVE is invited to John Bellicose Memorial Day

On April 29, it will have been two years since Brave lost one of our best, brightest and most beloved capsuleers. John Bellicose was a friend, a teacher, an incredible Continue Reading →

Dank Domi Donation Drama Leaks


Editor’s note: It has been brought to our attention, the Domi actually belonged to FasTraGe (No.Mercy [.N-M.] Alliance:Triumvirate. ). Who’s modus operandi can be read below in comments. We thank you for the free Domi and the GF!

Former Brave Newbies member Charles Wu Wong  ( Now of Anti-Nub Incorporated Alliance: Triumvirate.), dropped off a free Dominix to Brave Newbies after a “GF” in which we could not break their tank. The following are leaks from the chaos that ensued. Little did Charles know how much trouble Brave would have boarding a Domi, or perhaps he did know precisely how much trouble Brave would have. We may never know the answer.

Solomon Phi’s The Blaster Atron [After Action Breakdown]


An After Action Breakdown of the Blaster Atron fit and how I fly it.

Link to solo fight montage video: https://youtu.be/8VL3fJZHmQc

-By Solomon Phi

Brave’s The Gentleman Gamer, Eve Online: Some Of My Miner Experiences!


Mining in Null Sec can be very lucrative but it does not come without added danger!

His Referral Link Can be found here: https://secure.eveonline.com/trial/?invc=1b430133-26d5-47e6-b5d4-3d00c68abb1d&action=buddy

-By AnarchoJohn Etnannarac

Deployment Cancelled; Acting Brave CEO Promulgates Pangyric; Purges

Acting Brave CEO Cagai Cagali, issued a statement as follows: Hello everyone. Firstly let me apologise for my complete lack of presence in the last days – I’ve been as Continue Reading →