Brave Newbies AAR: The Destruction of a C02 Citadel


FC Malanek Askelus lead us into victory against the evil forces of C02 and Black Omega Security trying to anchor a Fortizar. Whilst we buzzed around within the perilous company of the Nefarious Northern Coalition Ne’er–do–wells, along with the infamous pernicious Pandemic Legion. Oh and Horde was there too.

AAR: A Tale of Two Braves


BE-FR and Brave Alliance FC Ryanis formed up to give Pandemic Horde a GF with an impressive Comp. We also stumbled upon a Moros MOA had tackled apparently going gate to gate. It was a fun time, GFs all around, and it’s amazing how newbie organizations like Horde don’t even get salty losing a dread.

12 hours later Brave Newbies and Brave Alliance FC Le Petite More took us on a hell of a Roam as well.

It certainly is nice to have so many active FCs across the time zones.

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