A Tribute – The Few vs. The Many


Brave Newbies pull off a pipe bomb (read: initiate) Pandemic Horde in a similar way Rooks and Kings did with us in the “This is EVE” video. In tribute to RnK, wherever you may be. Their excellent website is: www.rooksandkings.com

Brave Collective State of the Alliance – Oct 2016 – tl;dr version


Brave Collective Sota, 13th October, 2016


Transcript provided by Cagali. Notes in Blue are our own:


Dear Brave,

No doubt you’ve noticed that I’ve formally taken over as the CEO of Brave from Nancy Crow.

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How nearly losing my humble dread to LSH was one of the most exciting things that has happened to me in EVE

Roartak, Brave Military Director Types: I’ve been playing eve for a while but still am fairly new to caps. As I moved my Naglfar from my alliance’s old home to Continue Reading →

Solo PVP 3 Eve Online (4K)