The One that Got Away!


In Eve Online even the most carefully laid plans can be upset with the wrong fit. 🙁

Close Call for Cerb


Brave Caracals and Hoard Kitchen Sink vs Moa Feroxes
Flying a Cerberus and end up having multiple close calls. Initial primary, tackled when fleet warps away, longer aggression from drones due to later warpout means I go through gate later and get tackled there as well.

Shadow Serpentis Titan Kill


Military Update 12/23/16 – Training Priorities, Doctrine Updates and Armada Support

7o and welcome to the holiday edition of our military update. This will be shorter than the usual ones but the priorities outlined below are no less important. This update Continue Reading →

Never Decloak First


Goons poke our sov so we flash formed and jumped into them after they fled. Despite the advantages of range and tank the Feroxes took early losses and fled the field.

by Le Petite More