[AAR] Talwar fights and roam – Jan 2nd

I had given up on doing important things in my life and decided to do something more important and lead a fleet. We were discussing options on comms when some bad guys came into Do6, unfortunately they ran away pretty fast, we chased a couple of systems but resigned to losing them we went back home, far from defeated however we took a 10 minute bio while I pinged the fleet and we all went back out again at 20:00ish to glory!

The fleet had just over 50 members which was fantastic, plenty of new faces too and over 30 talwars! This would be a good fleet, the only issue was content…. As avid followers will know, PH have a fascination with Caracals, they are solid cruisers and a great defence doctrine, fortunately for us they have less range than us so we could go poke into GME, stir them up, run away and wait for them to chase, pew pew a few caracals then GF out of there. unfortunately two carriers bubble camping in C4C put an end to that avenue of content. Nice work PH, we’ll have to use blops to kill your ratters now 🙁 We did however kill a VNI in O-C which was alphad by the terrific force of our fleet!

7RM it is. The home system of PH, their version of DOG, only with more people and less exits. We got to 7RM relatively safely to find that a Ferox fleet had already beaten us to it. With a 20 man ferox fleet in system it seems all the ratters had rightfully docked up. Undeterred we decided to gate camp in KLY instead. The feroxes jumped out of 7RM and our scouts reported PH hurricanes trickling through to KLY. (insert Mr Burn’s “excellent” here). We waited for a lull in the traffic through the KLY gate, jumped through, bubbled up and got on anchor. A solo hurricane had followed us. He tried to hold cloak but his friends were nowhere to be soon. Soon his options, and cloak, expired and we 3 shot him into oblivion. A slow trickle of canes followed and we netted another 2. Local soon spiked however and PH scouts set themselves up on tacticals. Moments later a huge PH hurricane fleet warped to gate, within 50km of us. Nope. We ran off grid, they soon despiked leaving a few more stragglers. After a bit of jiggery pokery we managed to probe down and tackle a couple of inties and a Hecate. Back to the gate and I ask our Sabre to rebubble. Moments later local spikes by around 100, oh shit no. What have we done?! A literal horde of PH frigates and dessies decloaks around us and burns hard for us. I align us sun and call primaries. I see two sabres which we alpha very quickly, the 3rd took me a while and someone pointed it out for me, we alphad him too and picked off a handful of frigates. I was scrammed and unable to anchor. The fleet burned for the sun and Thomas, secondary FC, warped them off. Just before he did my screen was filled with a never ending of stream of “WARP SCRAMBLE ATTEMPT” PH had spread tackle and 90% of the fleet was stuck. The rest, myself in a pod, warped to a safe and we regrouped a ragtag nunch of scarred pods. With only a handful of out 50 man fleet still in a combat ship we headed home quietly, celebrating an excellent fight and great roam.

Battle Report: http://evf-eve.com/services/brcat/?s=1980&b=7366800&e=70&t=rvbaab

Interestingly we almost lost the ISK war and I am struggling to see how. We lost a few high value ships like our sabre and jackdaw plus some unusually expensive smaller ships but ultimately we had a bucket of fun and 10/10 would sacrifice a T3D again and I think everyone else had fun too! Cheers PH for the good fights and for reshipping into the frigates, that was a great fight even if we did kinda lose 😀