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BraveNewbies.Org is a line-member run website. Privately funded, we exist only to document, record, inform, and entertain Brave Newbies Membership. In these annals you will find The History of Brave Newbies Inc, in and outside of EVE Online, for “We are the watchers and do’ers of things.” We have no shared ecosystem with BNI leadership, as we believe separation of news and leadership’s infrastructure is paramount to serving the line-member’s best interests.

The impetus for our beginning.

When previous IT managers have left, whether it be on good terms or bad, sadly their projects left with them. And in these projects were numerous pieces of Brave culture now lost forever. We understand it’s just a game, people move on, and sometimes projects have to end, however part of us always felt crestfallen how easy it was for monumental monuments of Brave Newbies culture to be easily erased. The original BraveNewbies.Org website is lost forever (https://www.reddit.com/r/Bravenewbies/comments/187nxf/official_brave_newbies_website/) And in its forum where many wonderful stories existed are sadly too are gone, because no one had the forethought to reserve the site for more than one year. When we saw it became available, and the (at the time) new group of Brave leaders had no interest in BraveNewbies.Org, because they were focusing on building an alliance, we thought it our duty to pick up the Brave banner and fly it high.

There was just one problem, none of us knew how to make a website! Did that stop us? Absolutely not! A few of us pooled our money together and bought the infrastructure, the programs, the domain, host, bought a “How to build a website for Dummies” book and we taught ourselves how to make a webpage. Truly, the Brave Newbies Way!

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

This phrase is used generally to consider the embodiment of the philosophical question as to how power can be held to account. In a game about Space Egos and fame, we admit it’s a bit odd for several line members of Brave Newbies to remain semi-anonymous. The board the runs BraveNewbies.Org is referred to as “Shadow Cabinet”.  There are a myriad of reasons the Shadow Cabinet is anonymous: It prevents against psyops and the “dreaded meta game”, it provides the site runners a relative degree of safety as they cannot be purged or targeted, it allows them to operate freely and record many operations and pieces of news, and most importantly we believe an idea should stand on it’s own. However, there are some members of BraveNewbies.Org who share their space identity, we leave it up to the individual whether or not to disclose their affiliation.

The website started in Barleguete and we have survived coups, deployments, counter-coups, failscades, and faction warfare and we have always remained faithful to Brave Newbies. We are a small, but dedicated, group of line-members who hold Brave’s best interest at heart.

Hovan  (Website Administrator)
& The Shadow Cabinet