Au Revoir Parroto Social Club [PSC]

What started as a Special Interest Group (SIG) in small gang PVP, quickly bloomed into a phenomenon, and it is today with a sad announcement we bid Au Revoir to some of Parroto Social Club (PSC) who have started their own corp, as they look to other areas of New Eden to have their fun per hour. While some members of the PSC SIG are staying in Brave, the Brave Alliance has decided to close the PSC SIG as tribute to the its legacy because of the people who left really did define PSC as well. It might have also been a tad confusing as to why is there a SIG named after a Small Gang PVP corp. 😉

John LiWang former Brave FC writes:

7o from Parroto Social Club

On behalf of Parroto Social Club, I sadly must announce that we are leaving Brave. PSC was formed last year while we were in Fade as a SIG focused on Small Gang PVP. Since then we have grown in numbers and have developed into a tight knit community. In order to continue to build on what we have started, we have decided to form our own corp outside of the Brave Collective. The majority of the members of PSC have been with Brave since they started playing. We’ve gone through some tough times with Brave, with some members tracing their roots back as far as the early days of Brave. The decision to leave was not an easy one and was not taken lightly.

From now, PSC members will be dropping corp and joining the Parroto Social Club corporation. We are currently living in the North and will take some time to consider our options before deciding where our future lies. Not all members of PSC will be joining us with some deciding to remain with Brave. Please look after them because they will be greatly missed from the PSC community.

So to Brave members, thank you for all of the good times. Brave is in a strong position now in Catch and we look forward to seeing Brave build and grow while we go down a different path. Thanks for shipping up, getting in fleets especially if one of us was FCing or even for just coming along to a PSC class. So for now, stay classy and never not undock.


John LiWang

And the Members of Parroto Social Club

We at BraveNewbiesOrg wish John and PSC the best luck in the future. You have some quality pilots and hope you maximize your Fun/per hour!