Blue Ice Appointed Military Director

We’ve been in BRAVE a long time. And if there’s one thing we know, it is that “drama” is analogous to riding a wave. We ride it tall and glorious, and then it eventually breaks and rolls back. And if you look back on Reddit with the right kind of eyes, you can almost see the high water mark. The place where Lollipops left for Black Omega, or Motre started his own corp, or the countless other waves of drama we have all rode and all have recovered from. So it is with this sage adage we advise a new bro:  Who knows what to believe? But always believe in BRAVE.

Then came news that just was simply too rational; a decision so agreeable—it hardly received much fanfare at all: Blue Ice was promoted to Alliance Military Director of Brave Collective.

The announcement was met with thoughts and incoherent muttering of utterances which can best be surmised as,  “I thought he was already Military Director (MilDir)?” and “Wait. Wasn’t he always MilDir?”

Blue Ice replaces Arik Alabel who stepped down recently due to IRL commitments and black-balled (fired by CEO Lychton Kondur) Pro tempore-Military Director AnnA Niedostepny. It was no small task filling a position that commands one of EVE’s largest standing armies, but then again, Blue Ice is one of the best players in the game of EVE, and we are happy to have him apply his talents to BRAVE and HERO.

“Once I get done with school in June, I am going beastmode on EVE.” -Blue Ice

We have listened to Blue Ice explain, countless times, overlooked aspects of the game to new bros and bittervets alike. He easily surmises, not only the fits of our doctorine but, the reasons behind those fits. He speculates on possible future fits with the novice new bro and theory-crafting EFT warrior alike.
Perhaps that is why it came as no surprise to people when they had heard of his appointment. In fact it was met with confusion, “Why are we stating an obvious fact?” Brave might as well be announcing peanut butter and chocolate are delicious together.

Blue Ice is the perfect Military Director for BRAVE. His vast knowledge of the game and the amalgamation of the eagerness of young pilots and grizzled bittervets promises the future of BRAVE has great potential.

We look forward to seeing what not only works, but what is fun to fly. And the many great and disastrous experiments in between the two.

We end with Blue Ice’s EVE Fanfest Presentation from 2015 entitled “Zero to Hero.” Please subscribe to Blue’s YouTube channel and follow his Twitter as well @blueiceeve .

And a hearty Congratulations to Blue Ice. We appreciate all the hours you have put into DOTA 2 and Kerbel EVE and BRAVE.