Brave Announces Official Engagement in War

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As you are all aware, shit is going down in the north. Some dudes have succeeded into rallying dozens of the game’s most prominent alliances and organizations to attack the Imperium.
What sounded totally crazy a few months ago, seems to be real today.

After hard-fought victories over key strategic objectives, the “Allied Forces/Money Badger Coalition/Good Guys” have succeeded in taking sovereignty and moons from the Imperium.
Today, something special is happening, something that has never happened in New Eden’s history.

During the last 2 months, we’ve been in contact with multiple individuals who are important in the global strategy of this event: alliances leaders, famous fleet commanders, corporation CEOs etc.
We have been seriously considering a deployment to join the fight against Imperium. However, we decided against a full deployment for multiple reasons. There are too many risks to BRAVE, and could have resulted into a fail cascade like the one that we all remember.

Our Strategic Plan

While we won’t deploy, we still need to join the front relatively quickly, so here is the plan to project our forces.

Though BRAVE is no longer what we used to be, we intend to become as strong as we were before. For now, however, we need allies to help us, which is why I set up an agreement with Horde to be at their side and share fleets sometimes when we or they don’t have enough numbers to do two separate fleets. Yesterday we were shooting them, today we’re shooting with them. They are awesome rivals, but great friends too and like us they want newbies to stick their noses where they don’t belong.We will not be moving staging systems or seeding new markets. We even will be here for our smaller frenemies in Querious when they will need us.

We flash formfleets in Querious with fast ships like interceptors or frigates and take wormholes to systems that will be announced later. We stick with Horde during big fights and assist the Allies as best we can. We will probe wormholes to the north. We tested our ability to do this, and recon dudes have successfully scanned connections near these big fights every day for the last several days. It is a lot of scanning but we have proven our capability to do this. Once we arrive in the systems, we reship into what is needed.


We don’t deploy, and instead, use wormholes to connect to the battlefield. We might reship in a staging point near the battlefield, depending on what is expected to happen during the fight. If that happens, ships will be provided to line members, so don’t worry about moving assets.


  • We need hype for this, so you know what to do.
  • The Recon department needs more scanners and people to help out, so please do recruiting propaganda for Recon as well.


  • All of the recon dudes should probe wormholes during the day to find routes to systems up in the northern area. Specific areas will be communicated to them as needed.
  • Once you find the routes, they should be communicated by Slack or, however, you prefer to Roartak and the FC team.


  • Our FCs should know how to use wormholes and be ready to do a lot of wormhole diving.
  •  Our FCs should be able to distribute ships as needed and on short notice.
  •  Our FCs should know how to use our doctrines and specifically the smaller support doctrines.


  • Make sure that we have contacts with the alliances taking part in this gigantic war.
  • Be ready to either blue or un-blue those alliances on short notice.


  • Please either run classes or write some wiki stuff on how to use Jump Clones and how to use  wormholes. A GIF about saving wormhole bookmarks would be helpful.

Line Members & New Players

Be sure to have some frigates and interceptors in your hangar. Because of the nature of this war, we can’t always do a big announcement to make you aware of an upcoming fight. The best thing to do is log on as much as you can and have Jabber installed so you can get pings. We might have a very short time to form up and go somewhere, so preparation is key.

Between fleets up north, stay in Querious and continue to rat, mine, chill in standing fleet and fight our neighbors as we have been doing. Get excited to fight in battles with thousands of players, be a part of capital ship warfare, and take part in a war that will change the map of New Eden forever.

This is a very exciting time for BRAVE, and we have an opportunity to take part in the single-largest war to happen in years.

This is our chance to leave a lasting mark on the map. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

-Jackson Wages

This is a reproduction of a PDF that was found here.

This announcement was reproduced, not copied from the PDF and it was a nightmare in doing so. Minor edits have been made for formatting, while the overall content and message is preserved in whole. It was also posted on the r/eve reddit by Alroys who is believed to be associated with Alroys aka  Brave Alliance’s Alroyz a few hours prior to it being reproduced here. However, we cannot confirm the relationship of the poster to Brave. The announcement, has been confirmed official official.