Brave Collective Sota, 13th October, 2016


Transcript provided by Cagali. Notes in Blue are our own:


Dear Brave,

No doubt you’ve noticed that I’ve formally taken over as the CEO of Brave from Nancy Crow.

I’d like to thank Nancy for his hard work and exceptional professionalism throughout his tenure, both as CEO and as a Division Head. Nancy steered Brave through some of the darkest possible times, and his well thought out and careful decisions are largely responsible for our survival as an Alliance. His level head was invaluable, and his courage in taking unpopular and controversial decisions was exemplary. We owe a lot to him, and it’s a credit to the man that you’ll never hear how much from his mouth.

So much of his work was quiet and behind the scenes, and I count myself honoured to be following in his very large footsteps. He took the wreckage of Brave out of the ruins of Catch and Fountain and shepherded us into FW and thence to Querious, which breathed new life into us.

Nancy is currently suffering from an outbreak of the Real Lifes, with a new job andd a new city taking precedence over his game time. He tells me that he’s been getting the itches of late, and maybe he’ll make his way back to us really soon. I hope so. Until then, 7o and fly safe IRL so you can Fly reckless in Game, Nancy!


Now, Buckle the f up and listen here, cos there’s a lot to cover, And I don’t want to have this run over too long.

Firstly, Welcome to Fade!

We live in a corridor! It’s some of the most dangerous space in the game, and we’re seeing the benefits! Some of the laziest PVP going, with people visiting on an hourly basis. It’s a bit of a problem, actually, our Roaming game is suffering since our standing fleet gets ridiculous amounts of fights!

The last time I lived in a Corridor was when I was in Uni – and drunken housemates would kick you on their way through, and one time someone’s girlfriend got into bed with me which…actually that’s a different story.


This is difficult space to live in. So far we’ve lots of content for PVP, but we’re in danger of our more industry minded friends having their game suffer. Our valiant Industry Director, Ralend Oskald has spent many an hour to devise a plan that we’re going to be Trialling for a bit, which will have a few benefits.

No doubt you’ve seen it: Press pause and go read it, but let me now do a little recap. Firstly, it will provide some cover for our industry people. Secondly, it will provide our PVP fiends a roving and unpredictable playing field. Thirdly, it will allow our ADMs to be maintained to a high level.

He’s gone right out on a limb with his plan and included some newish doctrines. They’re suggested fits for your mining and ratting ships that will hopefully allow you to both survive long enough to be rescued, and to tackle the balls off the hotdropper dumb enough to attack you.

We’re calling it the Armada System. Each day, we’ll announce a target system, and the defence fleet will base itself out of there. Yes, that means that you’re going to be spreading your ships out a bit, and you’ll need to take care moving between them to catch up with the Armada. It’ll mean that if you’re ratting or mining somewhere other than that target system you’ll be on your own, so I advise you to make yourself aware of the system before you target your first rock!

I advise you to make yourself familiar with this document – It’s easily available on the Forum and has a number of nice little treats in it’s vellum pages – if you don’t, don’t blame us when you miss out on your free stuff and the Newbro Safety Net, or I awox you when I catch you flying a Hulk or a Retreiver. Or you X up in Dog to find the defence fleet four jumps away!

I EXHORT YOU TO REMEMBER: This is Brave, not some scaredycat wishywashy namby pamby alliance – An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us – so get stuck in when you see XXs in fleet! Warp your Bloody Proc in! Get on a killmail! My Masterbaiting SKiff program is still going on, so PVP fit your shit and see if you can net some turds! Try EVERYTHING! Do Everything! If you want to get yourself stuck in a rut and cry when the rut flips your tractor, bugger off quick! Life’s too short to hang around and complain or be sad about your game!


As you all saw from my Mail, our Valiant Alliance Tournament team, lead by the Gallant John Liwang have ended their run at the crown with a devastatingly close and heartbreaking loss to the Paisti Syndicate. Two glorious Victories and two narrow defeats mean that our team have absolutely done us Proud, and set our souls afire. Congratulations are due, so get them in quick before they leave us, being headhunted by more illustrious but staid Alliances!

We must also say a hearty thank you to Lenny Kravitz2 for affording us the opportunity to enter the tournament in the first place!


Militarily we’re doing well. We’re rolling out a few new initiatives and some programs, so get yourself ready to try some new moves and positions. Keep an eye out for advertisements, pings, mails, and announcements!

Make sure you have your Hangar List ready and docked in the Fortizar! (if you don’t know what a hangar list is, speak up in comms and look on the Wiki! You never know when the next war will break out!


Apropos of announcements, if you’re not on all our services, you’re missing out. GET ON THEM. Most of our fun stuff is pinged for in Jabber or at worst relayed through our Slack channel. You NEED to be on these things, or you’ll ALWAYS be logging on to find a fleet just finished some crazy shenanigans and you with nothing to do except spin your ship and practice for being AFK leadership!

Apropos of being AFK leadership, we’ve noticed recently that we have very few people in training to BE leadership, and therefore we have few people who are going to BE AKF leadership… It’s very sad, so we’re about to have a help wanted job fair kind of deal posted up around the joint – so if you think you can do a better job of driving the bus, here’s where you put up or shut up. There are dozens of interesting areas you can get yourself into, and there are a number of jobs which are entry level – ie open to brand new members. Most of them will require a very small amount of committment from you in relation to your time, so no need to worry about that.

I’ve pushed for this to happen since I’ve noticed exactly how much time our directors spend actually playing the game, and how much time they spend doing the 30’000 things that their directorates require. I’m not letting them do it any more. They need to have fun playing the game, so they need to delegate. If you want something you’re going to need to volunteer to do it, or answer the call when they ask for help. Fitting ships? Yep. Penning a quick policy document? Yep. leading a fleet? Yep. Writing a snappy AAR? almost certainly! using your dank memeing skills for good? probably. Running an Event? Oh you betcha.


In some corporation news, Zansha have announced they’re opening their free BPC program to the whole alliance, so between this and the Dojo we probably have the ability to hand out most of the BPC in the game. This includes Procurers!

I recently dropped into the BEFR channel to ask them for some news, and they said: “C’est Cagali, il et un putain, baise ton cul, Cagali, vous visage du merde” which translates to “Hail Cagali, New leader of greatness, we love you” Or something. They said it very enthusiastically anyway, which is lovely!

Kill them With kindness are still accepting Faction Warfare alts – and if you want some pretty easy isk that’s a good way to hang loose. (they’re not in alliance, and be careful joining FW with your main, because it’ll immediately remove you from the Alliance, thanks CCP)

We have a Wormhole Corporation Again in Spoopy Newbies, lead by the inimitable Johnathan Ajani and Aquasta. Now don’t sacrifice a goat to Bob just yet – we’re not allowing them (or anyone else for that matter) inter-alliance recruiting except in exceptional circumstances for a while…Particularly since they’ve agreed to help us out in Fade for a bit.


On the topic of helping out and participating: Brave is in an Exceptionally good place at the minute. COntent out a

There’s been a bit of panic over my decision to help horde in a fight yesterday against Co2 and TEST.

Three pronged trident: if we help PH we’re bending the knee, if we’re helping CO2 we’re backstabbing horde, if we do nothing we’re cowarding out.

Let me explain: We’re doing whatever suits us in the moment. If we shoot or entosis CO2 today, we may decide to shoot horde tomorrow. There’s no hard feelings on our part, and I hope none on theirs. But it’s totally Un-Brave to let a war like that go on 10 jumps away without us getting in and having a go.

If that gets us into a war, or evicted, then we’ll adapt and overcome as we’ve done so well. I know you’ll have the courage to see it through and take the fights as they come.
-Cagali Cagali, Brave CEO