Brave Collective SOTA – June 13, 2015

Duality, Duality, Duality!

Important links:


  • [BRAVE] is selected for the Alliance Tournament XIII.
  • CNM being restructured
    • Instead of weekly touchpoints, we will have constant communication with eachother
    • Via forums!
    • Subreddit will not go away, will become propaganda machine
    • Forums for private, opsec communication
  • During the next few weeks, we will be participating in the Duality Entosis Link Competition:
    • Fleets (except StratOp fleets or “indices” fleet [mining, ratting]) will be run on Duality
    • We need max numbers
    • END GOAL: Have our ticker immortalized in the Entosis Link module description.
    • Read our Standing Orders Page for information on how to install Duality and where to report.
  • Fleet participation
    • Don’t worry, no PAP links are incoming
    • We do need numbers thou, so please participate
    • If you cannot fly the main doctrine, we always need more ewar or logi!

Installing Duality:


Mac OS X:

tl;dr – get the test server launcher installed. because he we are going to be there for a bit.