Brave is heading back to Null!

We’ve had a long time to plan for this, as diplomacy was ongoing. One of the topics aired was Industry. More specifically, do we still have one? Anyone here? Well, if you are, then we’ve got some work ahead of us. We must rebuild Brave Industry. We can let it grow passively, which it will, but I think we can do better than that. We can use our own experiences in Brave to guide us how. Brave has, and always will be, a place for newbros to explore the different facets of the game, learn, risk, have fun. What sets us apart from NARM, PH, Karmafleet, is our capacity to do this without an agenda. Brave helps newbros for the sake of helping newbros. It helps them, it helps Eve retrain players, it helps PH et al whether the newbros stay or go. I propose as we rebuild industry, we do so in the same spirit, embodying us and the alliance in our common mission: No fucks given, have fun and learn, and be whatever you want to be.

In the following wall of text, I will outline various steps of the plan to revitalize Brave Industries. After each section, I will summarize it with bullet points, for those of you who just want to know the basics of what we’re doing.



Brave is moving into Querious. Nancy, I’m sure, fielded many questions about our position there and our diplomatic agreement, but what will concern us the most is the part about the “No Go” systems: PH’s UVHO-F, NARM’s RF-CN3, and our own U-HYZN. As agreed, no parties involved will molest the other in the three No Go systems. That does not mean other third parties can’t. But it makes the systems a breath safer than everywhere else in Querious. It will be where we will establish the bulk of our industry.

U-HYZN is a sexy system for industry. It’s got plenty of belts. It’s got Ice. It’s got an Amarr Factory Outpost. It’s got a PI potential to produce every P-material in the game. There are plans for an Industrial POS, with IRA to help make up for the lack of Minmatar Outpost and, of course, a Comp Array. It will be one jump away from our Capital in I1Y-IU and never far from support from the Alliance. There will be neutral traffic, and that will always be a concern, but as we grow, so will our ability to defend it, but more on that later. In short, U-H is all sorts of awesome.

  • U-HYZN will be Brave Industry’s main hub
  • There are plenty of belts, Ice, and PI potential there
  • It’s not far from Alliance support


Training and Recruitment:

We’re essentially rebuilding an industry from scratch. We have partners in the Alliance, specifically BE-FR, that have a good cottage industry already set up. We need to catch up. But to do so, we need to do more than just “wait and see.” We’re going to be proactive, specifically, we’re going to assist Dojo in training newbros. Brave Industry is setting up a series of classes that, in the beginning, will be very generalized in support newbros of all walks of EVE life. Classes like “Nullsec 101,” detailing the ins and outs of nullsec life, travel, and survival, which helps not just our industry trainees, but everyone, giving much needed support to our beloved Dojo. Later, classes start to branch out into industry related topics, but still relateble to all, like “Isk Independency.” That class, for example, would describe the various ways a player can make isk: ratting, exploration, station trading, industry and PI, etc. Eventually, the classes transition into very industry specific subject, but in the process, we’re helping everyone.

Classes are great, but sometimes they are not enough, especially for beleaguered players struggling to understand while trying to afford an expensive nullsec life. So, while we give classes, Brave Industry will take what income it can make and re-invest it directly into these programs, giving class related ships and support to ALL NEWBROS who need it, industry or otherwise. Obviously this will be expensive, and to be sure we can’t give out things willy-nilly. But what we can do is supplment our classes and training with the tools that newbros need to continue their education. For example, a mining class has a free fitted Venture to give out. An exploration class, a Nullsec-fitted Stab-Magnate. A PI class gets an Epithal, along with perhaps some Command Centers. You get the idea. While small in numbers, we won’t have much to give, so when we do, we should make sure it counts and that the newbro knows how to use the ship from the class before getting into it.

Eventually, our numbers will grow, and rarely, we’ll get a player who is either interested in Industry from the get go, or becomes more interested in it after classes. U-H will have the support they need, not just in infrastructure, but also guidance. After learning from classes, we can hope that it fosters compassion in the new player to teach others what they have learned. As we create a culture of learning, we also create a haven for even more players, interested in learning. Word will get out. And when it does, we can travel to Highsec, recruit new industry player and old alike, and have something to show for us besides Nullsec Sov. We’ll have a community.

  • Brave Industries is going to offer classes
  • Classes will become industry specific but early topics benefit all
  • In addition to classes, Brave Industry will sponsor rewards at class completion, such as ships



As much as we may want to throw isk at out newbros, it has to be financially solvent. We also need to consider that Brave needs industry for a reason. When we move into Querious, our markets will be bare. We also simply won’t have the industry available at first to even attempt stocking them ourselves. As the alliance grows, if industry does not keep pace, as is the case with most nullsec entities, we’re going to have shortages then too. So, from the get go, we need to import, and will continue to import. So, its best we encourage this.

The alliance will be placing doctrine ships on contract. Contact ships will be sold at a set percentage of profit AFTER importing. This profit metric, for now, is 30%. That’s high. There is a reason for it. First, it almost guarantees you the potential for profit by importing ships and equipment, and then undercutting the Alliance. Import it and sell it at a 20% increase if you like. Anyone can do it. We’ll even have classes about it. Let us be clear: We do not want you to buy our contracts. We want other people to stock the markets and undercut us. But in time of scarcity, we want you to have a stock of ships to choose from that is not prohibitively expensive. Hopefully, a side effect is we might recruit more Haulers. Eventually, we’ll start getting a supply of ships in market, decreasing the likelihood of scarcity. When ships are scarce, you will still have Alliance contract to choose from that will be stocked. Profit made off those contracts will go to fund our Indy Newbro Program.

Another side effect for a high price of Alliance contracts is that it promotes local industry, which can undercut market seeders and haulers. These numbers will never be able to supply the whole alliance, so haulers will never be in danger of having nothing to bring in. But having a high metric of profit potential increases the demand for manufacturers and, in turn, our miners. Essentially, we’re trying to find the sweet spot to ensure you have access to ships and goods in our markets.

  • Alliance Ship Contracts will be used to pay for our Indy Newbro Programs
  • Contracts will be set at specific prices, encouraging undercutting and market seeding
  • There will be still room enough for Industry to undercut market seeders



Finally, the crux of the matter. We’ll now have a source of higher potential income for industry and more reasons for our industry numbers to grow plus the support and training needed to get these folks started. Lets start with Miners. After orbiting some rocks and ice for awhile, we’ll have several alliance wide buyback contracts to choose from. Each buyback has agreed that a base purchase of 90% Jita Buy for local ores is acceptable. I will let each buyback state the terms of contract. There are other industry programs in the works within the Alliance. Beyond Frontier is developing an exciting program that we may integrate alliance wide, setting base minerals at 90% Jita Buy, but increasing in shortages or demands, further increasing our miner’s potential for income.

Manufacturers will receive locally produced minerals at 100% Jita Sell, with imported ores at a higher cost. Individual miners can train reprocessing, selling their minerals to undercut those costs if they choose, creating more income potential for them, and lower costs for manufacturers. Alliance contracts increases the local profit potential for items locally and market seeders can sell their goods at only so low a price before the costs of importing exceeds their profit. Jita prices can ensure that local manufactures have income potential and lower mineral costs from free market miners can only help. Further programs my decrease this cost even further, but to be certain, we can set local mineral prices low enough to encourage manufacturing, and ore prices high enough that miners rewarded the risk of living in nullsec.


  • Miners can expect at least 90% Jita Buy for their ores, in some cases, even more
  • Manufacturers can expect at most 100% Jita Sell for local minerals, in some cases, even less
  • There is plenty of room for individuals to profit from market trading



To put it simply, our market system will depend on freighters and market seeders, with industry to augment and bring down prices even more, which are set artificially high by alliance ship contracts. Profit made from those contracts go into our Indy Class fund, increasing our recruitment and sustaining industry members which further bring down those market prices. Buybacks have agreed to sponsor fair prices, while still maintaining the potential for free market exchange by miners and manufacturers. Here is a handy flowchart to visualize how it all works together:

movingAlso stated in another post, we have a new Slack Channel dedicated just for us. Please feel free to join it, hang out with us and others on Slack. Its going to be a busy few weeks. If any of you folks need help moving your assests in, please lets us know. Newbros, if you have any questions or concerns and need some one on one explanation, feel free to game mail me, pvt message me here, holler at me on slack, meet up on mumble, or poke me for conversation in game. I’ll help you get sorted as will anyone else you ask :D This is an exciting time for us and I look forward to working with you and everyone else in not just rebuilding Brave Industry, but the Alliance as well. See you in Querious!

By Ralend

Posted By [Cornak Firefist]