Brave Military Director: Arik Alabel Steps Down

We at will go ahead and say it, “Arik Alabel was the best military director Brave Newbies has ever had.”

Arik was approachable, hospitable, and always a gentleman. He focused on BRAVE advancing as a corporation, while always keeping in mind the new line member. He ran fleets and taught line members as well.

Arik Alabel

Perhaps, that is why we are so saddened to hear he had to step down due to IRL reasons.

“As a result, I need to take a hiatus/take leave from my current role as mildir. Watching as my father fights with his diagnosis of ALS, combined with months of dealing with PL’s bullshit, I have decided can no longer effectively balance real life, eve, and other responsibilities. As a result, I cannot perform to the level required nor enjoy it – this is a decision made on my own and no one has asked me to step aside. Brave is a wonderful place, and I’m not leaving it, simply stepping aside so that FC’s can be directed with continued purpose, providing line members with fun fleets. I may return or we may transition to a new mildir.”

Arik’s persistent encouragement, for new and old line members alike, will certainly be missed but carried on as part of BRAVE culture.

We would like to say, “Thank You!” to Arik, for all you have done in this silly little game. We hope the best for you and your family. I

“If you would like to donate to a top ranked ALS charity which is dedicated to working to effectively treat/end ALS it is

The Charity currently has over a 97% rating on Charity Navigator.


It should be noted: During this hiatus Anna Niedostepny will serve as interim Military Director.