Brave Newbies Birthday Bash!

Happy Birthday To you~ Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday BNI!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!

So! If you don’t already know, Brave Newbies Incorporated will be celebrating their second birthday shortly. To celebrate, the Brave Dojo will be laucnhing the new Brave Dojo Events Division with a bang! Two events will be running to celebrate our Birthday!

Also! Desolate, EX-F, Lollipops, Disipulli and Kite Co. will also be celebrating their birthdays! As such, it will be a HUGE Birthday Bash for all corps within HERO that are celebrating their Birthdays!

EVENT 1: Historical Roam – Eve Time 01:00am on 31/01/2015

  • Everyone is welcome to join.


  • Roam back in time through all homes BNI has had in the past


  • Everyone is encouraged to fly the doctorines they were flying when they first joined BNI/Brave Collective/HERO


  • Guest speakers to talk about the history of Brave as we burn backwards through time!


Event 2: Atron Roam – Between 30/01/2015 – 01/02/2015 Eve Time


  • Everyone is welcome to join


  • Atrons will be provided by Dropbears (official sponsers of this event)


  • Everyone will make sure they do not have implants




Please join us to Celebrate Birthdays of all of our wonderful corporations in game and also participate as a member of HERO so that we can celebrate and enjoy a wonderful couple of days!!!


Also please note that there will be events held every month from the new Brave Dojo Events Division and that we do need your support and love. Please feel free to contact me with ideas for events, donations and offers of help. I am available in game, jabber and skype! THANK YOU!!!


<3 Kira