Brave Newbies Propaganda Contest

EVE is currently seeing a huge influx of new players giving the game a try and old players returning to it for World War Bee. We are getting a ton of new people already (maybe you are one of them), which is good, but even more would be even better. So for the next seven days, we will have a propaganda contest to promote our corp and show everyone what we have to offer.

First place wins a PLEX, second place wins a Skill Injector.

The Rules:

  • Be positive (both about us and about everyone else. This contest is not about bashing anyone, not even Goons.)
  • Videos, images and text entries are allowed. It can be local spam, a great reddit post, and amazing AAR, etc.
  • To be eligible it has to be published! Post it on our subreddit, on r/EVE, on your blog and then link it on the brave newbies boards in the relevant thread. Only entries that are linked in this thread will be considered.
  • Wiros is not allowed to participate (Sorry, you do great work, but I want other people to have a chance of winning…)
  • The winners will be decided by our glorious acting CEO, Cagali Cagali.

-Joan HR and Dojo