Brave Newbies Leadership Q&A


Look, do you have time to listen to a 30+ minute Q&A? Probably not. Here is a TL;DR version of the meeting:

This is a Q&A held by Nancy Crow, followed by a brief statement. The problem is content creators, we simply need more FCs. Panicos also chimed in about fixing DOJO teachings. Recon has had some new life blood injected into it. Leadership is moving over to Slack from Skype. Pretty Hair is not getting back onto CORE, after numerous warnings, he continued to be a bad boy.

If he changed maybe. We need a finance guy. And we may be inviting a new corp into the alliance. We need a new leader for the alliance tournament. Even though we lost, we seem to have “street cred” (how does street cred work in space?) But it was fun to Cheer and bet for BRAVE.

Provi deployment went well, but there was room for improvement. Extrems will now attached a TPS report prior to his announcement to make it less “last minute” and inform the community more.

Lychton is doing well. Nancy and him send each other dirty texts about once a week. But they haven’t been able to talk yet. Lychton is busy with his job.

If you want to do things make a SIG (Special Interest Group) and do that thing.

[22:30 Minutes Later]

Remember EFU? We launching a more aggressive FC program, where more people can get in. E-Mail Extrems Tivianne. Some encouragement would be nice, to support content creators so we get more content down the road. FC and Dojo are going to mix FC training and classes. Le Petite is going to start running them every Sat.

Blue Ice status as Mil Dir is still Military Director. Extrems has been covering for Blue Ice. But how effective is a Mil Dir who doesn’t play? Well, according to Extrems, he fine tuned the deployment and has done meta stuff. But Blue Ice is a super star FC and it would be nice to see him run fleets. Instead of admin stuff.

[33:30 Minutes Later]

We are doing fine financially. SRP is costing us pennies compared to what we used to spend. Active numbers are down, Cornak is doing an API pull to see who is and who isn’t active. Generally, we are losing less, and leveling off in hemorrhaging members. Maybe we can get some people back if we had some type of group activity and more fleets. If you build it they will come.

Nancy Crow is taking a page out of TEST’s playbook as far as recruitment. Some advice is good. Some is not as applicable. Faction Warfare was brought up during a meeting with Nancy Crow. Nancy is pretty much open to all advice.

Right now we don’t have any money moons.

We have a streamlined application process to a 24 hour turn around time. We also have recruitment roams every WED at 2300. And will continue to do them. Please feel free to come along.

[41:30 Minutes Later]

Most of our problems come from other people not knowing what other people are doing. We are bringing back the council meetings and such. Hence a new communication plan to increase communication. We need friends.

Dunk got Logi Skins in the game! He literally bent the will of CCP and the game of EVE to get what he wanted.

[Maybe we should all take a page out of Dunk’s book? Dunk Dinkle for President 2016!]