Brave of the Year 2015

The First Ever Brave Of The Year Award!

As the year comes to a close, we have endured many events in Brave Newbies Inc. Who knows what the next year will bring?
Well –  A 30 Day Pilot’s license. That’s one thing for sure! The small group of line-members who run and its umbrella services are proud to announce the first ever Brave of the Year Award.  And if are in BNI you can win a PLEX – even if you don’t win Brave of The Year 2015. Winners shall be in BNI. An active account is not required.

Brave of The Year

Awarded to The Person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity and landmarks of Brave Newbies.
The One who has eschewed the base and promoted the paramount duty of Brotherly love among Brave’s members.
Who has judged as he may be judged: Not by externals, but by intrinsic worth.

Prize: 1 PLEX


Brave Crier Award

Awarded to The Person who shall have informed the Brave of the Year.
If Brave of the Year discovers information himself, he shall also be awarded the Brave Crier Award.

Prize: 1 PLEX


The Announcement

Brave of the Year 2015 shall be made sometime between now and 26th of December.
A full 24 hours shall pass, until the announcement is posted on the official twitter of

If the Brave of the Year is still unaware of his or her award, then it shall be posted on the Brave Newbies subreddit a full 24 hours after the tweet.
We strongly doubt the winner will go uninformed that long, however if he or she is still uninformed we shall inform Brave of the Year and award them both Brave of the Year and Brave Crier Awards.

What you should do is, check the website frequently and see if you can be the first to know. Then inform the award recipient. We shall ask said award recipient precisely how they were made fully aware of Brave of the Year 2015, and who informed them. The person stated by the Brave of the Year will then have won the Brave Crier Award. And, Hell if you’ve made it reading this far, we’ll even have some sort of small prize if you are the first commenter on the Brave of The Year Winning Announcement coming sometime SOON!