BRAVE SOTC 3-27-2015


The Brave and the Beautiful,

The last few weeks has seen an abundance of two things: news about Eve online, and space drama. Now is as good a time as any to talk about both. TEST and HONOR have left HERO, we’re removed a corp from the alliance, some recognizable names have changed alliances, others have their foot out the door, and we’ve moved staging systems. There have been countless instances of people throwing around buzzwords like “narrative”, “meta”, “game preserve”, and others. I can understand how people can see this and say DOOM AND GLOOM, but that is not the case at all. It’s time we remind ourselves of who we are and what we stand for.

Brave is more than just a group of people living in Catch. Brave is an idea. We play the game first and foremost to transform the learning curve of Eve from a noose to a slip’n slide. We play to have fun! We’re not playing Game of Thrones in space; we’re not setting out to create a dynasty that will be talked about for ages. We don’t have a forever-war to wage, nor a war-chest to fill up. That’s the game other people play; we acknowledge that they’re entitled to do it. But that is not us. Likewise, this notion is not defined by our overviews or our blue-lists; you don’t have to be in Brave to be brave. People grow and their goals change, and that’s perfectly fine. In fact, it’s why we do what we do! Because of our ideals, those who have left us will never stop being brave. They will never cease to be heroes. We wish them the best for whatever the future holds in store.

On that note, let’s chat about some of those buzzwords. The conventional way that Eve alliances fight wars is to first craft a narrative in order to motivate members to log in, and then strategically decide which timers to show up for. We’re not conventional, and we’re not fighting a war. People refer to us as a game preserve or a pet that was gifted a region. Let them say whatever they want, who cares? Let them posture and move their little pieces on an imaginary board, we’ll just be over here doing our own thing. Win, lose, or draw we have fun our own way, on our own terms. On a Thursday night without our main FC we managed to pump 1500 people into a system and save it in mere minutes. We control more systems in Catch than ever before. The “Newbies” in Brave Newbies is not a crutch, it is a battlecry. Be it Barleguet, Rahadalon, Sendaya, GE, or HED – we’ll have a blast and continue improving so long as we stay true to ourselves.

On the subject of GE, it is important to remind you guys that we are moving from GE- to HED-GP. The catalyst for the change was the GE station timer slipping to armor, but it is a change that is better for the alliance. HED is safer, easier to access, easier to defend, and an order of magnitude easier for logistics. The majority of disruptive forces that come into our region on a day-to-day basis enter through highsec, Providence, or Curse. Being in HED allows us to have a strangle hold on people coming in and leaving our region, making the whole place safer. The HED and area jump ranges are actually quite nice, and we will be tweaking our jump bridge network to better utilize the region for mining, NPCing, exploring, and PvP. We have moved hundreds of freighter-loads worth of assets from GE to HED, and we have hundreds more that we can do. I discourage you from trying to move your things solo – you don’t need to, we’re here to help one another.

Now for some Fanfest news. Fanfest just wrapped up and boy, were there some fun announcements. CCP will be releasing some highlights and must-watches later this week, but first you should familiarize yourself with the Scylla patch that was released on Tuesday:[1] Tengus, Eagles, and Ishtars are all getting a bit of a nerf which means we will be announcing the testing of some potential new HYPEFLEETS soon. No matter your skills there will be a doctrine fit you can fly, don’t worry!

CCP also announced a Test-server competition for testing out the new sovereignty system coming this summer. The winner gets a shout-out on the new everything module, The Entosis Link on TQ. So there’s a good chance we’ll be vying for that. With the sov rules changing, it’s always good to have practice and have a leg-up on everyone else. We do fairly well with a half-decade disadvantage, imagine what we can do with an equal playing field! Check out how to setup the test server, Singularity, here:[2] The last bit of Fanfest related news is a celebration. Our very own Cagali has won a seat on CSM X, the player-elected representative body. Congrats! We expect great things.

Remember: this is only a game. Some faces will change, the venues may change, but so long as we stay true to our goal of making this game better for the newbro and having fun we will always be great.

Be Brave…

PS-Since Phoebe, we have been embroiled into a skirmish against pandemic legion. They began to harass us while we were fighting Providence. The light at the end of the tunnel, Fozziesov, has been consistently slipping away from us for some time now. We are now entering our 6th month fighting against an entity whose content is becoming quite stale. To that end, PL did extend an olive branch to us. My awesome SOTC co-writer has recently offered to cooperate with us for the next two or three months on a contractual basis. We would be finding a similar objective, attack it, and then split that fat loot, positioning both of our organizations. However, we’ve had a lot of content with PL, and as much as I think we can work together, now is not that time. We appreciate the content that they’ve given us so far, but we want to experience new targets for a little while, and apply nanite paste to our burned out pilots from saving the same 3 systems repeatedly for months now.

Luckily for us, N3, BL, and CFC are all headed up for the last Dominion based sovereignity conflict over to the North and West of us. The last time that we attempted to play around in other conflicts was the Fountain War, where we fearlessly lost 2000 Talwars in 3-4 days. I know I said I wouldn’t take sides in the Great War, and that Hero would not as well. Therefore, the only logical thing to do is pick all sides and create an orange donut right smack in the middle.

Effective immediately HERO coalition is to prepare to deploy to DELVE/QUERIOUS. We will finalize logistical routes to safely, or at least safeishly, move to our staging systems. From this vantage point we are going to accomplish objectives that benefit everyone, buy performing random harassment operations amongst the pipelines used by either “side” when they are approaching timers. In addition, HERO is now offering temporary mercenary services on an individual timer basis during this deployment. We are pleased to announce that these services are available to all entities involved, with few restrictions. (For instance, we won’t attack catch, attack internal coalition members, or go to a region way out of our way, like the dronelands or whatever) We intend to fight and be a pain in the ass for everyone involved.

For our members, I only need you to do one thing. Please be sure that your sec status is better than -4.5 for logistical purposes as we take a timeout from Catch and go play with everyone else. FC’s, focus on the guidance that is coming down from your MILDIRS and don’t stress so much about our stuff here; we can always come back and regrind whatever we need before Fozziesov. Dojo, please work with logistics so we can relocate our newbie support system during this deployment. To our coalition partners, we will be briefing you about the general order of movement, and trust that you can accomplish those support tasks. BRAVE will assist you in whatever you need. Wormholers, polish up your blingy ships and prepare to shit on anything here on the K-space side in the Area of Operations. EVERYONE, be sure to have a jump clone or two.

As an aside, I am creating the Entosis academy within the next 2-3 weeks. I will be working with coalition leaders and mildirs to address the application of force needs that we will need to apply once Fozziesov hits. If we can use this time to ourganize our Flechette Fleets, we will be sitting in a pretty nice, level playing field for the next iteration of warfare.

For those involved in the Great War, we are open for business. Please contact our head diplomat, Lquid Drisseg for more details. Lastly, but not leastly, to Elise Randolph at PL, no joke, thank you for writing your part of our SOTC. My laptop issues have left me frustrated and you were a big help. I’ve deposited 50m ISK into your account. Maybe after the dust settles from our tactical timeout, we can hug it out again. We just want to dance with someone else for this song though.

Lychton Kondur
HERO Coalition