Brave “write something cool” competition

Brave started as Brave Newbies, a corporation of like minded newbros entering EVE for the first time. With help from experienced players our initial newbros became FCs, CEOs, Military Directors and Dojo experts. Today the Brave alliance continues this tradition, with the help and companionship of other corporations we continue to take new players and show them all that EVE has to offer. With that in mind Brave can announce a competition open exclusively to new players in the Brave alliance.

We hope that in your first few weeks flying with us you experience the most heart pounding action, suspense and awesome friendship that Brave offers and now, we want you to write about it. We have over 2 billion ISK in prizes to give exclusively to new players who can write the most epic, exciting and interesting account of what it’s really like to fly with Brave. We’re asking you to write just a few paragraphs about your favourite fleet so far, the thrill of landing the “big one” in an exploration site or document any of the numerous and unexpected events that happen daily in our small corner of the EVE universe.

Please see the forums for full details of the competition including the amazing prizes on offer. The competition closes on the 17th of August and is open to any member of Brave who has joined the game on or after the 1st of June 2016. Thinking of joining Brave? You have two weeks to apply and experience something cool, we think it’ll take much less.