Brave’s Second Coming?

What can be described as nothing short of miraculous W Rush has returned to lead his first fleet against the evil forces of The Imperium (formerly The CFC) and their evil ways.

This has sparked quite a discussion about the possibility of “The Second Coming of Brave” and has set quite a few organizations in New Eden with a sense of unease.

An unnamed former Brave Newbies pilot currently in Pandemic Horde said, “I heard it was only a rumor.” While others in Karmafleet had dismissed it merely as swamp gas. “I don’t know what Kool Aid Brave is drinking now, but to make up lies about W Rush’s return just shows how desperate Brave is getting to boost membership. It’s pretty sad.” said, former Brave Newbies pilot now AUTZ Karmafleet pilot.

CCP and Nancy Crow could not be reached for comment, and Zkillboard shows nothing as of yet.

However, it is this author’s opinion that rumor be met with some semblance of caution, as word of Lychton Kondur’s purported return was largely a hoax no doubt orchestrated by one of Brave’s many enemies utilizing their nefarious “metagame skills”.

When pressed for comment Jump Drive Appreciation Society‘s Grookshank said, “I died inside when I heard of his return.” The reporter was unsure if Grookshank was referring to what the French call La petite mort (French pronunciation: ​[la pətit mɔʁ], the little death) is an expression which means “the brief loss or weakening of consciousness” and in modern usage refers specifically to “the sensation of orgasm as likened to death”.

A top man in PL perhaps best surmised the current speculation as to W Rush’s return, “There are plenty of new bro friendly corps in EVE now, and even if W Rush has returned –which I doubt- the new bro wins. And if the new bro is winning, then all of eve is winning. PL has always been and will always be about helping new players. We LOVE new Players!

As for now, we at, file this article under “F” for Fiction.

EDIT: It appears a super secret battle report exists.: