Can’t-think-of-a-good-Title Announcement, AKA Drama Post #73289746123784612938746

Notes in blue are our own.
Picture above is a nurse. Get it!? Because nurse, because pandemic horde, because virus, because Hospital, hence nurse! No!? Well neither do we, but we had to have some sort of relevant image.

Yet another announcement! Hooray. Get your Drama-Dress, Panic-Pants, and Bullshit-Buttplug ready to hand…and then throw them out the window.

Imitation being the most sincere form of flattery, Brave Members should feel exceptionally flattered this week. The Phoebe Freeport Republic have taken a leaf from our Darker Playbook and have been C o u p b o i d , apparently to ensure that their AT team doesn’t have to contribute to the rest of the Alliance…(or so social media tells me)

This means that we will be extending the Brave hand of friendship to their ousted Corps and bluing them while they get on their feet. I won’t say poach all the things, but since this is the forum and we’re totally free from spies (now posted on website to make it easier for spies and guys alike), PFR have been some pretty classy dudes and I’m not averse to showing their members (up to and including their whole corps) that they could easily have a home in Brave.

Secondly, but by no means less importantly, Pandemic Horde have announced that their “Deployment” will evolve into a move late next week. They are firming their commitment to the MBC and are moving their Alliance to the North. They will reportedly drop/transfer their Sov in Querious, and we’ll wait and see to whom.This has a number of huge and immediate impacts on us.

Brave and the other Fightclub Alliances will remain in Querious for the immediate future.

Firstly, there is an immediate Power Vacuum with the departure of PH. There are therefore some increased and glaring vulnerabilities which present themselves. This means that we will shortly have more Content than we can shake a stick at, and maybe handle.

This is likely true for our Fightclub Allies as well, and We may be asked to assist in the defense of our Fightclub Allies should they come under attack.I expect us to respond with our usual classiness, enthusiasm, and local-bombing.

Now for the Drama-y bit. I refused to follow Horde into the war, because I don’t believe that is the right move for us at this time. It was, and is, hotly debated within the leadership channels, and I expect that with this announcement it will be hotly debated within the general membership. I must remind you that if you can’t keep your temper while you’re arguing, you might as well evac your shit now, because the Zero tolerance policy for posting-like-an-asshole is still in effect.

Now – I want to see Brave standing on our own feet. I see a great opportunity for us here in Querious, even at the increased risk of Invasion. We seem like we’re finally back on our feet and steaming ahead in all areas. Your leadership team is active and available (that’s not a joke, all memes aside) and we are in a great place to accomplish great things in Eve.

There will be some followup announcements regarding WWB, but at the current time, Safari Season is still open and active, and you’re encouraged to participate should the opportunity present itself.

I would also like to take this opportunity to talk to you about YOU. Yes, YOU. We need you. The alliance needs you. Your entertainment in this game, and in this Alliance, is dependent on people who create content. Your FCs, Your Recon-dites (since they’re secretive dudes), Your Dojo Staff. Your Industrial mentors. Your Standing fleet warriors who spend 24-7 hunting those neuts.

They can’t do it on their own. They need YOU – not only to get into fleet, or attending a class, to warp to the XXXs, but need you to generate some content. They need you to volunteer to run a fleet, teach a class, develop some contacts in other alliances, scout a chain, haul some things in.

David Hasselhoff Brave Newbies PAP link Header

I need you to ask yourself: “What have I done for the Alliance today?” If the answer is: “Ratted all day in a system with already high ADMs,” it’s not bloody good enough. No, I’m not about to introduce pap-links, because that’s not fun. However, I am going to beg you to take some responsibility for everyone’s fun per hour.

It’s important.

People looking after their mates is such a central and guiding light for this Alliance that I talk about it in these announcements pretty constantly. Look after your mates. Even the idiot ratting in a t1 fit scorpion begging for a rescue because he spent all his money on the hull and is tackled in top-belt.

Take some initiative! Don’t know how to bomb? Buy yourself a few, put up a bombing fleet, and find out!!! NOBODY will blink if you’re having a crack, and you will have TONS of other noobs wanting to give it a go with you!

There is NO LOWER LIMIT to the skill or ability of a person to make a difference to Brave. This is a Clarion Call for you to help lead us! Speak up, Fleet up, warp to the XXXs, but this is me XXXing-up. I need you to create some content for the rest of us.

Oh you’d better believe I mean shenanigans. If you’d like to run something you can ask BNI for some startup capital – we have a fair amount of ratting taxes sitting around, and I’m always happy to spend it to help create content.

Some general housekeeping type stuff:

I would also like to reiterate (VIOLENTLY, since you guys obviously aren’t listening) THIS IS SOV. Pack light. I recently had a peek in about 100 BNI members hangars, and I was disheartened to see that we are not learning our lessons. You CANNOT store shit in a sov station. Millions of m³ in a personal hangar is DANGEROUS. Get rid of that shit!

Having lived through a number of Panic Evacs, I have billions of tons of junk in stations that are inaccessible to me, and probably always will be! DON’T BE ME. Sell your junk, get your hangars down to fighting weight.

Again, by leaving huge stockpiles of loot/salvage/modules/hulls in a Sov station you are effectively undocking it all, so be prepared to lose it.

What’s that you say? A citadel has an asset safety feature? I should store my crap there before I have to move it out and not in a Station which is a giant coffin for my shit? I should give the next citadel crowd-fund some cash so that my shit will be safeish and only keep spaceships that I’m going to lose today!?!?!

Spoiler The previous spoiler is false and only in the interest of satire, JEEEEZ, PEOPLE!

I have asked my Division heads to begin preparing a monthly rundown of their divisions’ activities. Roartak rather smugly pointed at his frequent updates and said: “What, Like those?” I love his posts, even if the sight of Roartyping fills me with dread. I know how hard my leadership dudes work, but I’d like you to know that too. Maybe we can kill off the AFK-Leadership meme.To that end, and because I’m always interested to uncover new talents in our members, I’d like to extend an invitation to those creative writers out there to come on board as once-off/regular/permanent Public Relations people. SAY FUCKING WHAT?! Yeah. While our dudes might be hard workers, they might not be the most entertaining of writers, and if you can write something that’s funny and engaging, then send us a sample and let’s see what you’ve got.

Train Infomorph Psykerlegy. Make sure you have Jump clones ready to go in I1y and probably some others ready to install.

Damn – I forgot – We’re looking at setting up a Print-On-Demand store for the Alliance, so if you have a creative bent, start thinking about your T-shirt Designs.

We are glad to see newbie corps like Horde doing well. On the other hand it saddens us to hear PFR is going through a coup. Coups in EVE are a rite-of-passage. And a lot of good things come from coups, failscades, and whatnot. Take it from us! And we cannot empathize Cagali Cagali’s message of not keeping everything you own in a SOV station. Badivefi is only a few jumps away, and just like you should never fly with over 100 million ISK in a t1 industrial you should never keep a certain percentage of total ISK in a sov station, and as we have seen with WWB, even if you are in the largest and most powerful alliance in the game. We’re looking at you E-Uni! 😉