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Thanks to Olda Kreshh for putting together this overview of exploration. Find out more about exploration on the Brave Wiki by clicking…

Ratting in a VNI in Querious Tutorial? Ratting in a VNI in Querious Tutorial!


Brave Newbies Ratting in a VNI in Querious.
Althoughthe steps are:
1. Drop MTU
2. Orbit MTU +30km
3. Afterburner On
4. Get Red Boxed
5. Launch Drones
There are inevitable problems that spring up. This video is designed on how to get around some problems, and a careful approach to ratting, until one gets good enough to go faster.

Jump Clones, Sakht VI – Moon 7 and You.

We are deploying to Sakht VI – Moon 7 – Genolution Biotech Production. So, if you wish to set up a jumpclone there, you can even though we have no Continue Reading →