Check Check, or How I Fell in Love With Eve – 2nd Place

Second Place
Check Check, or How I Fell in Love With Eve
Prize: 350m ISK
Author: Maxdudemax

This one really stuck with me, I too love the way that Brave and most of EVE can be having a laugh and joke one moment but then utter seriousness hits comms and it’s battle mode. The commanders start taking control, issuing orders, requests. Relaying intel, friendly capital logistics and opsec details in back channels whilst rallying the fleet and dominating the battlefield in main comms. Meanwhile the sperg has stopped and everyone is focussed. Likewise the respect that we show to our leaders (and the respect they show back) is a sign of a truly great community! Notes in Blue are our own.

I find it kind of funny the things that get me excited in EVE. I’m a very social gamer; I enjoy working together in a team to overcome a challenge, and that’s something that most MMO’s don’t really excel at, at least not until the very end game with raids which I generally don’t have the patience to reach. Most MMO’s actually feel like single player games, with guilds consisting mostly of people chatting with each other rather than working together. EVE seemed different, so I decided to give it a try.

About a week in, I’m flying in my first fleet; a frigate fleet with the intent of losing our ships in preparation for the move to dog-hq. It pretty relaxed, everyone is chatting about something or other. Then suddenly, I hear a hurried voice under the banter. “Check, Check”. And then the most amazing thing happened. Everyone shut up. Most of the vets are probably thinking “Well, duh. So what?” but that shit blew my mind. The fact that 15 random strangers grouped up in a jokey fleet to waste some time can express the cooperation and respect to quiet down in an important circumstance, I was honestly baffled. After so much time putting up with people that didn’t take a game seriously at the expense of others, it was such a welcome relief to see such efficiency and coordination in a group.

Not too long prior to this, Cagali had called a meeting together to go over plans for the move. I dropped in to listen, and like before, everyone was cracking jokes. But as soon as the big dog was in, it was silent, and listening to him going over what would be happening in the coming weeks, I was legitimately inspired. It was something I had never experienced before playing a game, an actual feeling of patriotism towards a gaming group. And god damn it felt great.

Most people talk about a cool kill they got or how they earned X amount of isk flipping some item. Those are great of course, but are things that I’ve experienced in other games, and these pale in comparison to the connection I felt since joining my first corp. There’s just something about the cooperation, the efficiency, the respect for chain of command that really drives me forward and make me interested in logging in again and again. To me, the thrill doesn’t really come from achieving a goal; it comes from the fact that I was able to cooperate with other people and get us all to achieve it together.

EVE and Brave have provided me with an experience that outshines every other game I’ve ever played. It is a true social sandbox, and the players have made it into something so magical that it can’t even be explained. From the outside, you guys look like a bunch of maniacs trying to climb up the space-capitalist ladder. But hop in, and you quickly find a tight knit, entertaining, and empowering community.

Thank you.