Deployment Cancelled; Acting Brave CEO Promulgates Pangyric; Purges

Acting Brave CEO Cagai Cagali, issued a statement as follows:

Hello everyone.

Firstly let me apologise for my complete lack of presence in the last days – I’ve been as sick as I’ve ever been before and unable to read, move or do anything about the fire in the kitchen. I’ve spent the last few days reading over the thousands of messages that have gone around and around, and I think I’m about caught up.

Thank you to the vast majority of you who have kept your cool in the various discussions that have taken place around the various communication platforms that are available to us.

This is not a complete announcement that things are fixed, not even close. However, we have a giant hole in our chests where our hearts used to be, and a lot of us are feeling attacked and torn by our friends. I’m trying to meet with Nove and Zinox at the current time so we can work out exactly what went wrong, but without that we won’t be able to get through this. I ask for your patience while this is occurring. I would particularly like to thank Nove and the measures he took to ensure the members of Be-Fr remained aloof from the unpleasantness. I admire his and their restraint, despite feeling hurt and marginalised by the Alliance.

Brave is built on a platform of inclusion and acceptance. I have always tried to foster a culture of togetherness and encourage us to excel as a group, and to pride ourselves on our accomplishments as a team and as individuals. It pains me to see that a rift has sprung up out of nowhere. I am very sad that Drama is again costing us some of our most interested and talented people, and I hope we can fix it as quickly as possible.

Having said that, I am taking some unilateral steps to rectify at least part of the problem.

Firstly, While I support the idea of our member Corps doing and running things as a Corp, I do not support locked comms and forums. The BNI deployment has been terminated. If you’ve gone up there, come back. There are things to do in Querious.

Secondly. Somehow, and this is probably my fault since I am a firm believer in second chances, it seems to have become acceptable to engage in discussions with a level of vitriol and invective that is absolutely disgraceful.

Over the next few hours I will be rectifying this situation.

Consider this a sudden death warning. If you cannot have an argument without making the environment poisonous and disagreeable to the vast majority of our members, I will purge you. If you cannot hold a discussion without reverting to personal attacks and insults, I will purge you. If you cannot play the game and have fun, and let others have fun, without attempting to force your opinions down others throats, please leave. Because from now on, I will not tolerate the alternative. No one is safe. There is no level of leadership that is exempt from this admonishment.

Stay Classy.

It’s simple. Take care of your mates, treat people with respect, and remember, this is a game. We’re all here to play it and have fun.

Please be patient while we work through our issues, and remember that you’re here to have fun.

Again, thank you to the people who have worn their fingers out, and made themselves hoarse appealing for calm.

Post Script – I forgot to say: a single “good riddance” type post would be the same as a resignation letter, at this point.

Hence some people have been purged and some have left on their own volition. We have no idea precisely who and the reasons of behind the purge. Line members were asunder wondering if they had unknowingly done something. As far as we can tell (as we have no inroads with “leadership” and do not even pretend to know the catalysts for their decisions) it seems it was a few individuals within a few groups came to heated discussion.

It’s sad to see anyone go. We can only imagine it was a spirited debate that turned heated as for what is Brave, BNI, and everyone’s best interest. We wish all of those who were purged/or left the best of luck. We did hear that Cagali Cagali gave people fair warning, and gave them time to move their stuff. We will miss those individuals, and we thank them for their contributions to Brave. We realize these decisions could not have come easy for Cagali Cagali.