Did My First Fleet! 35 Days old :)

I received a Chat convo from (redacted) offering me a carrier to welp through the use of a cyno if I started a fleet.

Obviously unable to say no plans were put into motion, A ping went out “Marrocs 1st Fleet Rip Everyone!” a time was announced and the wait began.

I returned just as the previous fleet stopped and formed my fleet up, Struggling to put an advert up and add wings/squads it was obviously going to be a disaster!

Surprisingly quite a few people turned out, As I sat watching people landing at the staging area in my blackbird I thought I had better put more effort in.

I docked up and shipped up to my Scorpion! Previously denied the option to fly it in fleets, But this fleet was mine! I applied the Red skin obviously and fitted a Cyno.

I received word that the carrier had died earlier so no carrier to warp in but I continued on with the fleet due to the large numbers.

With no ship restrictions at all I ended up with a selection of Battleships, Battle cruisers, Cruisers and Frigates all of varying tech levels combined with mixed ranges and shield logistics it was a true kitchen sink!

After a quick discussion we set course for Torrinos, I was pretty nervous and overwhelmed at the numbers so it was slow going at first. After a few jumps and mis aligns I started to get the hang of it, Though I was still out of my comfort zone.

We didn’t get much content along the way to Torrinos and the going was slow due to battleships! Once we arrived we took over the bubbles that were on the gate. We set up camp and begun killing what came through and inviting victims to conversation if they were not in a corporation.

Someone noticed the Fortizar was vulnerable and after a brief discussion and contemplating it was deemed not worth sparking a diplomatic incident on my first fleet. Although it would of been easy to hide under the carpet! “Yep, FC is sorry it was his first fleet and didnt realize. We did what FC said”

We scooped up a few kills but nothing of major value, A Proteus managed to slip by as he landed just outside the bubble 🙁 You can see what we snagged here: https://zkillboard.com/br/85956/

After a short time on the gate I decided to head back, Not realizing we had been out over an hour already. Along the way back we stopped at one gate waiting for stragglers to catch up.

Suddenly an enemy fleet started to land so we jumped through and got in position on the other side. Waiting patiently we spread out to optimal ranges.

Unfortunately the enemy fleet did not wish to engage and would not jump. It was called for FC to go in. I approached the gate in my Scorpion and jumped through with a lone Basilisk. Was we uncloaked the enemy fleet immediately aggressed.

I think we were out gunned and we were definitely out of position but I had promised to welp. The fleet had prepared on the otherside of the gate and jumped through once aggression had started.

I died pretty damn quick in my shit fit Scorpion and someone else stepped up to call targets. Unable to break through the enemy fleets reps we got butchered. The retreat was called and people started to get away.

The survivors of the fleet managed to take a jump bridge home and lived to fight another day. Report for the welp is here: https://zkillboard.com/related/30001985/201612122100/

This may not be the most exciting of after action reports but it is my first as an FC! It was an awesome experience and definitely one I will remember.

I am unsure if I will FC in the future, Maybe after learning and observing a bit more and getting a better understanding of what was at my disposal. I had no idea how to make use of most of the ships especially the DICs which were just left to do their own thing.

All things considered I think it was still successful! I delivered on content and welp promises and nearly started a diplomatic incident. Huge thank you to everyone who took part and sacrificed their ships to me despite having no idea what I was doing!

Great fun overall! (I will do a blog update at some point with the fleet welp video :D)

-7o Marroc!

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