Doctrines: Get Hyped, Part 2 (Arik’s Mea Culpa)

Part of my job is making tough decisions and admit when I’m wrong. When we made the call for Apocs, it was a tough decision. Now I have to say “Apocs aren’t the full answer, I was wrong”. They’re good, but what we need NOW is max dudes who can fly the armor comp. I’d rather make this call now then after weeks/months of training and tough fleets with only Apocs. I’m not beholden to a fleet comp. My job also means I need to listen to feedback and response, and I’d rather admit when convinced I’m wrong and move on.

We couldn’t decide between Apocs and dominix fleet. There were pro’s and con’s to both. Apocs are good, but really need t2 weapons, and have a very specific usage scenario. Dominix fleets have tremendous EHP, and with the changes to t1/faction drones, and are amazing even without t2 sentries. We settled on Apocs, and immediately after, we all started second guessing about using ONLY apocs.

Senior PVP dudes and FC team, along with many of you had feedback that we needed to take a second look at Dominix fleets.

Dominix with t1 drones
Geddons – for those who bow to the Amarr god with Amarr BS 4/5
Guardian / Oneiros logi
“Pardon me” fleet Celestis
Webbing Loki
Triage Support


The logi is the same as Apocs (guardians/oni)
The skilltrain is short (many of you already have gallente battleship from mega’s)
Crosstrain for ishtars/vni’s for ratting you’ve probably already done
Flexibility against a variety of enemy ship types
All the charts and graphs show how killer even T1 sentries can be against
T1 Drones Domi (40ish day train from 0 skills) outperforms T2 gun apoc (80 day train) in many metrics
Ability to fully SRP (unlike navpocs)
Research doc and charts/graphs will be published on forums.


So what do you train?

–> If you’re very low sp
Train for the celestis
Then train for domi or exequror/guardian/oneiros

–> If you are not eagle fleet ready (and not close)
Train for domi, then eagle, then apoc

–> If you are eagle fleet ready
Train for domi, then apoc

–> If you are domi ready now
Train T2 sentries, then apoc

(obvious exceptions apply – you’re nearly done with your eagle train, etc)


So are Apocs dead?
No, but with how quickly we can get into domis and be good with them, it makes sense to get max dudes into those first.
Are Eagle fleets dead?
lol no. Different fleet comps, different usage. Eagles kite, hype fleets mostly putter around or sit still.

Other random stuff of note:

Jump clones –> Should be in ge-, zxic/f4r2, hed
Please stock some ships in f4r2/zxic prior to Phoebe (jump bridges make this easy)
Guardians are included in both hypefleets

Believe the hype,