First Kill Mail was My First Successful Tackle – 5th Place (1)

5th Place (1)
First Kill Mail was My First Successful Tackle
Prize: 350m ISK
Author: Minas Aele

One paragraph? I could have read an entire page about this! I thought that if tackle lived then they weren’t tackling hard enough but you proved that even with a tiny frigate it’s possible to pull off a great clutch victory against a bigger opponent and come out clean. Cherish that kill and that ship! Tackle is sometimes thankless and short lived but when it works it’s amazing! Notes in blue are our own.

Earlier today (8/17/16), I joined a fleet that was going to kill ragemind, who had decided to leave, then bubbled and camped the I1Y-IU gate in 3-FKCZ. The FC (John LiWang) asked for someone to volunteer to tackle him, and I jumped at the chance, even though I had never successfully tackled anyone in my tiny Atron, and it always ended in my ship blowing up. So I jumped through the gate, and actually managed to warp jam him, allowing the rest of the fleet to jump in and support me. The ensuing battle looked awesome up close, as bullets and lasers whirred across my screen in every direction, ragemind’s Bhaalgorn got ripped to shreds. That being said, he was shooting me, and managed to take me down to 10% health before he died in a fiery ball of glory. The kicker was, I had basically volunteered to sacrifice myself so we could kill him, but not only did I live, I got last hit, and got my first killmail! It felt soooooooooooo good! I didn’t even realize I had until someone else in the fleet pointed out how funny it was that I had gotten final hit. This was the moment I decided that joining Brave was the best decision I probably have (and will) ever make in Eve, because of the enjoyment this one moment that happened 5 days after joining.

-Minas Aele (Ian)