• Fun fleets up significantly
  •  Intro FC’s have been running things
  •  Some of the systems we took from Provibloc swapped hands again
  •  We got PL’d in GE- and HED
  •  Hero put out some fucking kickass propaganda (lookin at you, test!)
  •  HERO showed up in massive numbers to defend our home
  •  We saved ERVK station from PL supers by kamikazeeee-ing
  •  Provibloc ref’d ERVK

URGENT – Frog Siren – UrgentProviblock did reinforce our home away from home, ERVKI-Hub Timer ~18 hours from this mail – 23:45 eve time (745pm EST)Station Timer is 02:00 eve time (a day after the ihub timer)These are really important timers, this isn’t for some shit system in north catch. This is our 2nd home, and we need to defend it like that.


We are looking into some alternative doctrines to add to the line. Nothing official or late stages yet, so anything you hear is incorrect. Keep training for eagles, scimis, cerbs, recons, hics/dics, bombers, harpies. If you are a totally lost newb, just undock and pew with us. We’ll get you sorted. Join “Brave Dojo” chat channel, get srp, go on fleets.

–> While we may have swapped a few systems in North Catch, they are the same systems we took from Provibloc before we started getting PL’d. I know many of you tired of those run-ins, but I’m glad we had them because they made us stronger and tougher as a result. While they may be in Provi hands at the moment, as I said before, with Phoebe, the future is uncertain. The landscape of low/null is about to change drastically, and our future is bright as a result. Our good fights with provi may return in the very near future, with less third parties. I look forward to the brawls of yore.

–> You may have heard ge- temporarily ran low for a few key items. Marketeers, your chance to make a healthy return is never greater than when no one else is stocking that item. Less .01 isking, and jump freighters still can be used to their full potential. So use them!

–> One of our war fronts rusrus, may sabre rattle (see what I did there?) and sbu a system, create some timers – they will not be easy to beat. But at the same time, when I look at form ups like we had the other day for GE- station and Ihub timers, I get fired up, because I know that there are few outside of the CFC/PL/N3/BL that can touch us when we are at our best….

–> And we’re not getting weaker, we’re getting STRONGER. Our SP only grows by the day. More and more of you are skilling into eagles, scimis, cerbs, dics. Your wallets should continue to grow from PI, ratting, and market income. Our doctrine line is solid and we’re looking at ways to reinforce it further.

Remember that YOU joining the fleet makes it 1 person stronger. And know that when we fleet up next to you, we’re willing to stand next to you to have fun, blow shit up, and continue to surprise outsiders with our success. Keep up the good stuff Brave (and hero).

Blob on,