Hello! – A Kindly Letter and Kinda SOTA

Brave CEO Cagali Cagali, has sent a mass mail updating Brave’s situation with Pandemic Legion’s recent boorish move of anchoring, not one – but two! – citadels in Brave’s staging system D06H-Q (colloquially referred to as DOG HQ). He also announces future plans and hints at a move that will happen “sooner rather than later”. We look forward to moving to a new space to make new friends and new opportunities. The non-stop pipe of content was a bit divisive, and perhaps we can find a bit more solace in our new home. One thing is sure, we are never bored. We would like to extend thanks to Cagali and leadership for organizing this next step in Brave’s history, and personally to Cagali for this well written message. Notes in blue are our own.

Dear Friends,

I’m sending this mail since my new computer hasn’t arrived in a timely fashion: apparently SSDs are very rare. Who Knew.

Now, we are doing really well with ourselves. I am thrilled that we have flourished so very well in this horrid horrid space, and that our numbers are up, activity is up, the Armada System is doing really well, and we’re (for the most part) doing without drama.

I have been a bit disappointed at the level of panic that these Astrahauses over on the ccp gate have caused. I know it’s a flashback to catch days, I know it’s pretty god damned rude, and I know that it’s hard not to see the “elite” come over all grrr at us.

Remember – we’re the Brave Collective. Bravery is having courage in the face of adversity, It means not panicking, it means not cutting and running. It means standing up to the bully, it means taking the fight, it means learning from your mistakes and getting better each time you lose.

So. a couple of PL astrahauses aren’t that scary. There is no need to be afraid. A bit of caution, wariness, and preparation are required in your mix, along with agression, hunger, and a desire to bathe in the blood of your friends and enemies.

On a high note: this is not Catch. this is not dominion sov. it’s hard for PL, or anyone really, to use a supercapital blob to take our shit. The defender is at an advantage, supers are ECMable, and PL don’t want this crappy pipe!

We’ll be fighting them where we can, so get hyped. This isn’t some dumpster tier alliance coming to troll the noobs with their orthruses, so we’ll need everything she’s got, scotty, even if she blows.

As a general rule, however, (and I know you know this BECAUSE I KNOW YOU ALL READ YOUR WELCOME MAILS) you shouldn’t stockpile massive loads of shit in nullsec. Pack light, trim your useless shit out, smash the buybacks. We also have a number of citadels, so remember they have asset safety (your shit is safe if the thing blows up).

However. I really can’t stress this enough. now’s not the time to panic and run. If you feel the absolute need to do either of these things, I’ll be sad to see you go, but feel free to drop corp whenever you like. I want you to stay with me and Be Brave.

On another note – We’re currently working on a plan for 2017 that I think you’ll like, that will see us living in space that will really allow us to grow and expand. It’s going to be sooner rather than later, so maybe now is a good time to make sure you’re ready to move. DON’T FUCKING LIQUIDISE YOUR SHIT UNDER THE PRETEXT OF A POSSIBLE MOVE BUT REALLY BECAUSE YOU”RE SCARED OF PL. (i’m hip to these tricks, you bums.)

Keep your doctirne ships and your hangar list up to date, and get ready to rumble. both with PL and with a potential enemy who will not like us taking their stuff.

I know there’s a lot of info that’s missing, and believe me you’ll know as soon as we’ve nutted things out…or when I start screaming for offensive entosis actions and max dudes fleets and omg gogogogogogo.

Be Brave, Gentlefolk.

Get your happy faces on for a SOTA video too. got a good one brewing.