HOMEFRONT: Brave Vs PL – Saving our Fortizar


PL Successfully managed to reinforce BRAVE’s Main Staging Fortizar.
The next day the armour timer was due to come out, and we formed up to defend our home station.

We formed Maelstroms supported by a massive swarm of Maulus’

PL Brought Sniper Phoenixes to out range the Fortizar while Applying DPS. Our BRAVE Maulus newbros put an end to that.

We thought we nearly had it won as PL took their time warping in any subcap support, but with 1 minute left on the timer they did. Allowing them to haze and force of the Maulus’ for the time being, pausing the timer.

We rallied up, and with help from a MOA fleet we were set to engage, while also dealing with an INIT Snatch Fleet that came to Third? party.

Our Maelstroms gave our Maulus’ pilots a second opportunity to damp out the remaining Phoenixes and the timer was won.

What an Epic fight.

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Video by Kurai Kiba