How nearly losing my humble dread to LSH was one of the most exciting things that has happened to me in EVE

Roartak, Brave Military Director Types:

I’ve been playing eve for a while but still am fairly new to caps. As I moved my Naglfar from my alliance’s old home to our new home, it was nearly killed in what ended up being one of the most heart-pounding moments I’ve experienced in any game. To some, this might be below trivial, not even worth writing about, but to me it will be an eve experience I never forget, and a reminder of why I play this game.

There’s only one spot on my jump route that was a stationless system, an oversight but one that would need 3 extra jumps to correct. I decided to chance it. I moved a cyno into position in a safe and then moved my second cyno into the following jump spot before jumping to the first cyno.

Naglfar is fit with 2 heavy neuts, 2 SB, cloak, 4 istab, 2 warp core stab, MWD, 1 cap recharger, cap booster and tank. A fairly standard travel fit.

I wait for the desto system to clear out. Finally there are no neuts in exit system. The system that my Nag is in has one LSH-connected alt, but so did most of the recent systems I’d seen. Felt spooky but only so much I can do. The moment my cap jumped out, local spikes in desto with +1 neut. Shite. Spamming dscan – Proteus appears. Double shite. Heart starts beating. The Nag loads grid, I smash the cap booster and I triple web it with my cyno alt, trying to warp it, just as Prot lands on grid. My heart is pounding now. C’mon baby warp warp warp…. Fuck. Tackled by 2 scrams. I think this is the end.

My head clears for a moment and I channel our cap director’s sage wisdom of “stop being shit.”

I remember it’s travel fit for a reason. I start smartbombing – which did nothing but kill my own cyno, but at least there’s one less object for neutral parties to warp to as I’m in a safe. I lock up this fool tackling me – ugh 25 second lock time. Begin aligning to a poco while still scrammed and its taking goddamn forever to lock. Local is just me and the prot. Heart is pounding, hands are full on shaking at this point. I’m ready for a cyno to go up in my face at any second. Finally I get lock and apply my two heavy neuts – DRAIN BABY DRAIN. DRAAAAAAIN. Thinking to myself, “There’s no way this has enough neuting power to drop a Proteus tackle.” – BUT THEN IT DOES. SHIT YEAH. TACKLE DROPPED. OH SHIT THAT MEANS I NEED TO WARP NOW NOW NOW!

I was already aligned to the poco, so I instantly entered warp.

As I’m in warp, a cyno goes up in system at the spot I was just in. Local spikes to 4 neutrals. FML FML FML. Breathing fast. I cloak on land at the poco, praying they don’t come after me. It’s hard to believe only 90 seconds had elapsed, with 3.5 minutes until I can jump again. It’s felt like an eternity already. Trying to calm myself down, I hit dscan and see two prots and at least one set of combat probes, maybe more. The probes are moving on and off scan. That’s a good sign, they don’t know where I went. Staying cloaked, keeping an eye on the timer and my out cyno – if it dies my Nag is trapped in this system. My first cyno was popped back to a station without a great market and it would take me ~15 minutes just to zip around and fit a workable cyno, then move it into position. Too long. Luckily nobody else is in the system with my other cyno.

While on grid with the poco, I stay cloaked and align to a belt just in case…

Two more neuts entered system for a total of six. Multiple sets of probes on dscan. Jump timer is just exiting, five seconds. I light the out cyno. Jump timer expires, I decloak and select “Jump to (Alt)” when an error message flashes on my screen. “You do not have enough charge to jump to the next system.” What?! Oh fuck, as this message pops up, two nags and two prots land on grid with me. Shit, that message meant my capacitor. Check capacitor, at 66%. FUUUUCK YOU NEED 75% TO JUMP. I forgot to check! Prots are slowing down to near stop, they are about to exit warp. Fuck fuck what do I do? Gotta warp out of here for now, it’s too hot. So I warp to the asteroid belt that I was aligning to. Luckily between the time I decloaked and me figuring out why I couldn’t jump, my nag had gotten up to instawarp speed and I took off right in their face.

But now I’m fucked. I used even more cap to warp to the belt, and there are hardly any celestials in system. They have more probers, more people looking, I’m fucked likely. Mid-warp I realize, I have the cap booster with 3200s. I click it – “You have no charges remaining.” It’s empty! FUCKING FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. I realize I put all my cap boosters in fleet hangar and none in the cargo bay!! Okay still warping to belt, hands are shaking so hard my mouse is clacking on my desk. I open up inventory, drag cap boosters over to cargo. Hit CTRL+R for reload, nothing happens. It needs to be manually loaded! Shaky hands… right click…Navy Cap Booster 3200. Okay it’s starting to load, but I’m almost out of warp.

I’m slowing down and mere moments away from exiting warp when the cap booster finishes loading. I’m at ~62% cap. I see prots on scan closing in. It’s now or never baby. Move my shaking cursor over the cap booster… PUNCH IT! Oh shit 77%! FUCK YEAH! Out cyno still going, no neuts in exit system. I’m spamming right click on my capacitor indicator. Two prots within 1 au, 16 probes on close scan. Finally exit warp and…… SUCCESS! Jump animation plays and I give a “7ooooo” in local just before system change, saluting my pursuers for an exciting chase.

Cyno in safely on a station in the next system, dock up and log off. Heart was pounding for another 10 minutes after that but my baby lived to fight another day.

Some things I learned from this.

  1. Don’t panic if you get tackled. Align out immediately, then think next steps. Aligning out early after being tackled and then while cloaked ended up saving my life twice.
  2. Lowsec hunting squad in Aridia area is REAL.
  3. Always have a backup out cyno ready to go
  4. Travel fit for a reason. If you get caught, you very likely won’t have any backup. All of these things combined to help save me > Smartbombs, Neutralizers, Cloak, Cap Recharger, Cap Booster w/3200, Istabs. Warp core stabs would have saved me from a single scram tackler.
  5. Two heavy neuts can drain out a Proteus.
  6. Make sure to put some cap boosters in cargo.
  7. Remember you need 75% cap to jump.
  8. Broadcast all of your aligns so it shows up in fleet history window. From there you can warp to it if you happen to select another item on screen or forget what celestial you aligned to. This saved me twice.
  9. I love Eve Online.

This made me appreciate much more the difficulty in moving supers through the area. This one experience was nerve wracking enough, at least the rest of my jumps were 100% safe to stations!

This experience was nearly a huge loss, but it was so exciting from start to finish. Even if I would have died, it helped remind me of the unique, heartpounding excitement that seems to only be possible in eve. Also props to LSH for being so good at what they do! Niche gameplay is awesome.


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