Joan Andedare departs; Voluntary Deployment on hold

In a stunning turn of events, Joan Andedeare (HR and DOJO) had decided to end his career in BRAVE. This has thrown the deployment in to holding pattern, and would generally advise people to stay in I1Y, until further news is posted. A communication to Brave Newbies Inc, reads:

Barleguette Deployment Update
From: SanguinesKhan
Sent: 2016.04.15 19:07
To: Brave Newbies Inc.,


As some of you might have already seen, Joan has decided to take a leave of Brave for a bit. We’re very sad to see him go and hope he finds a place in EvE where can do his thing.

Since Joan was in charge of the Barleguet deployment its not entirely clear whats gonna happen with that. We are gonna take a day or two to review the situation after which we will announce how we proceed.


In Joan Andedare’s parting message to the Alliance he closes with:

…there are many good people in BNI, people who have dedicated hours and hours to help this group, often without the recognition they deserve because they do not do it publicly.
Thank you for your work.

We would like to thank Joan for his tireless and countless hours he had dedicated to BNI and The Alliance as a whole. We wish him luck in EVE, but also will not hesitate to pod him should he come back as a neut! 😉