Low Sec: The Family Reunion of Misfit Toys


NSFW strong language

I could write a long winded story of what low security space is like, or I could show you but neither is art. After all art is a metaphor, and it’s what one brings to it that illuminates the truth, rather than placid objectivity that is presented as “fact” or what we in EVE call “narrative”. Let’s be honest “facts” can be dismissed or accepted on personal bias.

With the announcement of the remaining troupes de mercenaires aguerries of the broken house of Black Legion moving to Vlillirier (depending on your own personal bias of whose facts you choose to accept) there are many questions as to the precise nature of low security space and how one will (if I were to be as so bold to borrow Black Legion’s own tagline) “deal with it”.

It is in this author’s opinion Low Sec is like a Juggalo family gathering. Hence, I present the following NSFW strong language video.

When the author mentioned the fact “Low Sec is like a Juggalo Concert” on Brave Newbies comms, Brave’s Logistics Director n0rman replied, “Indeed, lots of Faygo.”