Lychton Kondur’s Very Own Frog Siren

Brave Collective,

I had a very productive meeting with Malanek Askelus, and we are preparing our statements for our change of command ceremony to be held this weekend. This is an amazing time for BNI/BRAVE/HERO, and I encourage you to attend what will likely be a thunderous, debauchery fueled event.

In the meantime, There are some management level things that still need to occur in order to seamlessly perform this transition, as well as some challenging scenarios that we both have to address and finalize. I encourage everyone within BRAVE to keep a happy heart, stay classy, and to undock and die repeatedly in the meantime.

Remember, that despite the drama on the various forms of media, we are BRAVE. And the nucleus of brave is you, the individual newbie. <3 you all and 7-motherfucking-o.


Lychton Kondur

CEO Emeritus, BRAVE


tl;dr: BNI is recruiting