Lychton Out! Forcefully Removed as Alliance Executor

Members of BRAVE,

 As you may or may not be aware, the majority of alliance leadership including BRAVE directors and the CEOs of various member corporations in BRAVE Collective began a process to revoke control of the alliance from the present executor Lychton Kondur.

This action is an extreme measure but the individuals involved were unfortunately forced to act due to the actions and decisions of Lychton. Everyone involved has in one way or another approached Lychton repeatedly in regards to his decisions and actions, and we have come to a point where we could no longer in good faith allow Lychton to stay as alliance executor.

 Do not believe that we did this willingly. It was done so to make sure that BRAVE could effectively keep functioning and provide the promise that it was based on. BRAVE is a place where newbies can learn and have fun and provide a place where bitter vets from all parts of New Eden can freely spread their wings devoid of the petty meta game burden which seems to plague so many of the pre-existing organizations in EVE.

 We are aware that the next few days will be a period that will be tumultuous and agonizing but it is for the best. We hope to have all alliance operations up and running as soon as we possibly can and we apologize in advance for any consternation or anxiety that this process may create.  We will continue to provide periodic updates of what is happening via whatever avenues that we can use.

 As for Lychton, our brother, we hope you come to understand why we did what we did. Our doors are always open and we would love to reforge the relationship that we are aware has become strained. You are our brother and will continue to be so and we will always happily accept you back into the fold.

 Remember brothers and sisters “Stay Classy”.


BRAVE Collective