Lychton Steps Down – Nancy Crow now CEO – Dunk Stop!


**Warning this is disheartening to hear!**

A stark contrast to Lychton Kondur’s election in Barleguet. Lychton Kondur unceremoniously handed over the reins to the “Shell of HERO coalition” Brave Alliance, and BNI to Nancy Crow – effective immediately!
Lychton will be transferring the IRL components of BRAVE, including the 501c to Nancy in the next three weeks.


Apparently HERO Coalition still a thing?

Dunk Pls!

Nancy > Lquid “Who fucked him over with the Pandemic Legion thing.” Lquid of course, being former IT director of The Brave Alliance and C-level executive in the 501 nonprofit who masterminded the emergency evacuation of HED-GP.

Lychton will stay on as an adviser and historian.

Lychton is cool with Anna.

Anna is cool with Lychton, because he “never lets that shit drift”.

Gertrude The Goat suggested disbanding the Alliance. kek.

Lychton then concluded his speech by taking a shot of Jameson.

Nancy Crow said despite the ideas of what Brave should do, this is what we are going to do: Faction Warfare.

[Dunk Dinkle could not be reached for comment at the time of this release. We assume he is assuming a new collection of dank sound effects for Nancy’s reign.]