Malanek Askelus – Disposed – Lychton Kondur Retakes Leadership


tl;dl –

Nerd Panic kicked as well as the alt corps associated with “the fuckery”

As of today Lychton is leader of Hero Coalition, Brave Collective, and Brave Newbies.

To the New Bros:  Sorry for the drama.

Malanek Askelus is no longer the leader of the alliance. He was a Manchurian Candidate.

All deals during Malanek’s reign are hereby rescinded.

Lquid, who Lychton considers a true friend, needs to return 100 b back to the SRP program. Which he took incase Lychton dissolved Corp. It is unclear where Liquid stands in light of all this.

Anna is Kicked. But Good News: Karmafleet recruiting.

June Ting, is going to serve as interm HERO head, while Lychton does a montage.

Lychton quotes something from a show, we never watched, but always here about: If you’re coming at the King you best not fucking miss.