Military Update 12/23/16 – Training Priorities, Doctrine Updates and Armada Support

7o and welcome to the holiday edition of our military update. This will be shorter than the usual ones but the priorities outlined below are no less important.

This update will cover the following:

  1. Stratop Training Priorities
  2. New Doctrine + Doctrine Updates
  3. Armada Ship Contract Program

1. Stratop Training Priorities

Brave has a lot of members compared to most alliances. After all we are currently the 7th biggest alliance in game. Our fighting strength has traditionally derived from sheer numbers. A large portion of these numbers have always been newer players. However, we are growing again and there’s a really sizeable number of members who have been in Brave for a year or more. We need to take advantage of this diversity to bulk up our fleets in the right spots.

We have been doing pretty well with Maelstroms, Hurricanes and Augoror Navy Issues on the whole. They are good workhorses and have done their job. Often our fleets are just barely kissing the barrier of critical mass, particularly with our artillery doctrines. We might have just enough alpha damage to start, but we can have a tough time continuing to trade through sustained losses. We definitely have the numbers, we just need to put more focus on getting into the right ships.

– Primary Stratop Training Priorities
All members who have completed the Two Week Starter Skill Plan (that is most of you!) are strongly encouraged to train the minimum skill plans for the following doctrine ships. These are our main workhorses and our numbers in these ships directly correlates to how much weight we can throw around. If everyone in our fleets could fly these ships, especially the Hurricane and Maelstrom, we would be straight up scary. Train into them and make us a real force to be reckoned with.

  1. Hurricane
  2. Maelstrom
  3. Augoror Navy Issue

-Secondary Stratop Training Priorities
Over the last year we have built up our capacity to use T2 support in fleets when needed. This has proven to be critical in our fleets. We simply could not do large Cane and Maelstrom fleets with only Scythes or Ospreys for logi, they just aren’t sturdy enough in larger fights. If you can fly all three of the mainline DPS ships above, you’ve started to get a comfortable income, you’ve got some decent in game experience and are looking to take it to the next level, you are strongly encouraged to consider training into our T2 support ships, especially Scimitars and Huginns. You will be the vital support that enables us to take and win engagements against better ships and groups with experienced PVPers.

  1. Scimitar
  2. Huginn
  3. Guardian

We have been really pleased with the boost in Brave’s numbers since moving to Fade, as well as the Ascension expansion. Let’s take advantage of that boost by getting everyone ready to fly in our main workhorse doctrines.

PLEASE NOTE: I think 2017 might see the introduction of further advanced doctrines for Brave. I’m talking potential pirate faction, T2 and T3 ships in a DPS role. I want to take us back to that level and I truly believe we can get there. We have made incredible strides in the last year. But to do this, we need to see an improvement in our numbers for mainline ships and T2 support. Train into them and give your military department the confidence it needs to introduce some top of the line doctrines to Brave. We know you can do it!

2. New Doctrine + Doctrine Updates

-New Doctrine: Fleet Boosters
Fittings for this doctrine can be found on the Wiki as well as in the in-game corporation fittings window if you are in BNI.

Fleet Boosters are the new way to pass bonuses to fleet members. They are a support doctrine and should be flown alongside mainline doctrines.

Previously boosts were done largely by FCs on alt accounts in pricy T3 ships that were parked off grid. They weren’t really part of the fight. The Ascension expansion introduced some major changes to the way that fleet boosts worked, including requiring boosting ships to be with their fleets. As such, the military department has designed boosting ships from the ground up that are tailored for Brave fleets. I want to specifically thank our lead doctrine designer Roland Deschaines for his excellent work in this area, I know he put a lot of work into creating effective and streamlined fits specifically for Brave fleets.

With only 6 days of training for T1 fleet boosts that are acceptable in our fleets, these are easier than ever fly. If you can fly our mainline DPS ships and are looking for something new to train without wanting to dive into T2 support ships yet, these are great to train for. Most fleets utilize T1 battlebattlecruisers as boosters, which are very short trains.

Fleet boosters will be SRP’d in fun fleets at 50% of the post-insurance value and 100% of post insurance cost in stratops. To qualify for fun fleet SRP, a tagged FC must specifically request a boosting ship. This is a similar policy as for interdictors.

The wiki page has much more detailed explanations of how these work, the ships we use and how to pilot them. Give it a read if you intend to fly these in fleet.

– Doctrine Updates
A few of our doctrine fits have been tweaked following feedback from members and FCs. Thanks for sending me your opinions and thoughts, we do listen to valid points and arguments no matter if it’s a 3 day newbie or 3 year veteran who raises them.

– Cockbag Thrashers received a buff due to the power grid reduction in small artillery guns. The small ancillary current router was replaced with another lock speed rig, meaning that if you heat your sensor boosters, you can achieve “true” instalock even with average skills. We also downgraded the meta artillery guns from Meta 4 to Meta 3, which cuts the cost of the ship in half with negligible impacts to its capabilities.

– Talwars have been updated slightly in two ways. First, the optimal fit now uses meta launchers so that you can fit the Remote Sensor Dampener, as having
a Talwar fleet with sensor damps is superior to one with T2 launchers. The fitting requirements are significantly reduced for the Optimal Talwar, where previously they were unrealistically high. The second change is to remove other ammo types besides Nova, as the practical effect was adding 3M cost to each Talwar and we almost never shoot missiles besides Nova due to the Talwar’s bonus to Nova missile damage.

– Our doctrine Mallers no longer use or encourage Augorors for logistics, opting for Exequrors instead.

3. Armada Ship Contracts
The Armada program has been a huge success at raising and maintaining the ADMs in our sov systems at a respectable level. However we know it can be tough to reship at times. As such, we are placing alpha-capable versions of Caracals, Scythes and Condors on contract in Armada systems to see if they can help address the need for a new PVP ship when the path home might be a bit too sketchy.

The contract prices are a little above DO6 market prices so that we don’t undercut importers and people stocking our market and contracts organically. If the price of these ships fall in DO6, the contract price will drop accordingly, with a delay of a week or two.

We realize this isn’t an end-all-be-all solution to PVP needs in faraway Armada systems, but we are hopeful they will help.

There we go, pretty short right? At least, shorter than some last updates.

On a personal note, last Monday, December 19 marked my one year anniversary as Military Director with Brave. I have been so humbled and honored to have your continuing support and to be able to serve this alliance and it’s members. I know for a fact that 2017 is going to bring some really interesting stuff for Brave, and I look forward to another year with the BEST alliance in this game.


Brave Military Director Roartak