Military Update 6/1/16 – Skill Plans, Spring Cleaning, and Fun

7o Bravelings

May was an exciting and action-packed month for us. We’ve been welcoming a boatload of new players, flying battleships in real engagements (and actually doing pretty damn well), making the space news for killing some sort of fancy Revenancy thingy and establishing the deliciously-named Braveguette in Fade as part of the ongoing war against weaponised boredom and other bee-related things.

Right now, Brave Collective is based in Querious, and we’re securing much of the region as part of the growing Querious Fight Club. The Fight Club is simple. Alliances shoot each other most of the time, only pausing to shoot outsiders who are creepin’ on our turf. Slightly outdated map + members + rules.

There are several important things in today’s update.
1. Stratop Doctrine Skill Plans
2. Sov Warfare and You
3. Cruiser Fun Fleet Initiative
4. Surprise Announcement

1. Stratop Doctrine Skill Plans
You need to download EVEMon to see the skill plan files. It’s a lightweight and powerful tool that uses your character information to make custom plans. Get it here.

Skill plans are very useful for training into effective fleet doctrine ships. They are especially helpful for new pilots who trained our Brave Starter plan and are wondering what to do next. Brave prides itself on training newbies, and these plans will help you be about 80-90% as effective in a fleet as a five year veteran in the same ship.

These skill plans are designed to build upon one another. There’s a very simple progression.
1. At the base is the Brave Starter plan. Train that fully before anything else, it only takes two weeks, allows you to fly in all stratops with ewar and earns you vital basic skills for using new ships.
2. Once you’ve completed the Brave Starter plan, select the “Minimum” version of a doctrine plan. This will get you in fleet ships as quickly as possible.
3. If you want to optimize the ship, train for the “Recommended” version.
4. You don’t need to train a Recommended version before training into another ship. If you want flexibility, train for several of the “Minimum” versions of ships and see what you like and dislike, then choose one you like and specialize in it.
5. Skills within EVEMon are ranked by priority. Priority 1 skills are mandatory for a plan. Priority 2 are highly recommended to train. Priority 3 are not quite as important, but useful to round out a ship.

Just note that the Scimitar Minimum plan calls for training the Scythe Recommended plan first. Likewise, the Maelstrom Minimum needs the Hurricane Minimum to be complete before starting. These progressions ensure you can still fly something useful while training for these high-end ships.

Remember, many of our doctrine ships use the same support skills! The more ships you train, the further reduced your training for other ships will be. Training a Scythe up with good support skills means you can sit in a Hurricane in just a few days instead of a few weeks, etc. Start training for our doctrine ships today!

Download the skill plans here.
If you are interested in the .xml character files for after each plan is complete, you can get them here.

These plans will probably receive some minor tweaks, especially in the next week. Think of these as the beta version. Yes, we will soon have all of this info on the wiki in a streamlined way.

2. Sov Warfare and You
We live in sovnull, which means sovereign null security space. We own stations and systems. Our presence gives us a say in who is allowed access to both. However, the mechanics also allow for another group coming, taking over all of our space and locking us out of our stations, potentially trapping billions inside. We need to strive as a group to have a culture where we are ready for anything. Two important parts of that are packing light and working together.

Do You Suffer from Hangar Bloat?

In general, the hangar for the average Brave line member should only have the following: one fitted ship for each of our stratop doctrines that is ready to undock at a moment’s notice (ewar counts), one or two moneymaking ships, a taxi ship, two cheap Griffins and a small handful of ships you want to use and lose in standing fleet. That’s it. For new players, you can keep this under 40M ISK worth of assets. Even experienced Brave pilots don’t need more than 1B of assets at any one time.

Pack light. This is not a joke. Imagine you could take only one ship in your hangar with you and load it up with goodies in the cargo bay. That will be all you can reliably get out yourself. Be ready to leave the rest.

No, we are not being evicted. No, we are not moving. No, we do not have an existential threat to our existence nor are we launching the greatest invasion EVE has ever seen. Yet. There will be a time when we are facing one or more of these scenarios. Be prepared now, instead of scrambling later. Sell the rest of your extra crap to one of our many buyback services. You can also ship things out on the cheap, thanks to the newly introduced 50% export pricing. A clean, lightweight hangar needs to be something that ever member strives for.

I’ve heard providing explicit lists of what you should have in your hangar is a pretty cool thing to do. We’re looking at these now.

Griffins to the Rescue

Get familiar with the humble Griffin. It is an ugly-looking Caldari ship that uses ECM jammers, which break your target’s lock on something. The entosis link is the key mechanic used to attack and defend sov space, aka our home. An entosis link requires being locked onto something constantly while firing a little laser for 5 or more consecutive minutes. As you can see, the Griffin, with its ability to break the lock of a target, is VERY GOOD AT DEFENDING OUR SHIT AGAINST ENTOSIS ATTACKERS. Like really good. Shoutout to Beyond Frontier, our french corporation, for holding off the entirety of the Imperium for a week using hundreds of these little fellas. They’re cheap, expendable and extremely irritating for enemy entosis attackers. Every time a Griffin succeeds in breaking an entosis boat’s lock on a target, they must wait a minimum of five minutes to begin attacking again. All you have to do is be successful once to stop them.

From this time forward, I want two Griffins in every Brave hangar. It is literally one of the cheapest ways that you can help Brave the most. When you get a notification of our space under attack, jump in a Griffin, find them and jam the daylights out of them.

3. T1 Cruiser Fun Fleet Initiative

We are very excited to announce a new program designed to bring more variety and fun to our fleets. The T1 Cruiser Fun Fleet Initiative (couldn’t think of a better name before posting RIP) consists of “choose your own adventure” fleet doctrines.

FCs will pick shield or armor tank, then one DPS ship, one logi ship and one ewar support ship for a fleet. That fleet will be posted on the forums in advance, and we’ll be working with local manufacturers to stock the hulls and modules necessary.

Each DPS ship represents one of the major fleet archtypes, including skirmish, alpha, brawl and drone doctrines. These will give you a very good flavor for what the various dominant doctrines in the game are like, and are great for both new and experienced players. This also allows us to advantage of some of our more experienced players’ skills by offering ships of various races, weapon types, tanks and playstyles. Short version: This should be really fun.

Here is a link to all of the doctrine fittings for the T1 Cruiser Fun Fleet Initiative

I should address one piece of irony, which is that we are introducing a new program that could call for as many as 20 different ships while simultaneously calling on folks to cut down on the amount of crap in their hangars. If you start getting hangar bloat and you don’t end up losing a lot of ships, use one of the buyback services to lighten your load. Some buybacks will pay you 90% of the Jita price of your extra hulls and modules, which is a very good rate. Please, pack light above all else.

4. Kinera Anurin Kicked Off the FC Team
LMAO. Just kidding. In fact, so much kidding that I decided to make Kinera my second in command. Huzzah!

Kinera is one of our finest fleet commanders and most dedicated members. When I joined the FC team as a scrublord Talwar FC, Kinera was already on the team helping FCs out, giving them direction and reprimanding them for terrible fitting theory. Yes, he has even scolded your poor MilDir for some…. questionable fleet decisions. He tells me “no” regularly, has run our caps pretty well, is one of my most trusted confidants and has been my defacto 2IC since I assumed the MilDir position. It’s way past due to make this all sorts of official.


This doesn’t come with any fancy titles or mumble tags, because… just no. I simply want you all to know that he’s stepping into this role, and will continue to help me run the parts of Brave that involve spaceship explosions. If you feel so inclined to boost his ever-growing ego (please don’t), then join me in congratulating him.