Military Update 9/1/16 – Welcome to Fade – Staging Info – Doctrine Update

Welcome to Fade, Brave.

This is a new, exciting region for us. As you’ve seen, we already been taking advantage of the numerous opportunities for easy fun fights and explosions. We’re surrounded by active groups looking for a good time. Incredibly, less than two weeks after the move announcement, DO6H-Q has already rocketed up to top the list as the most violent nullsec system in the game. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Bravest pilots around.

This post will cover the following.
1. Staging Info
2. Doctrine Updates
3. Home Defense
4. SRP Update
5. Querious Wrap-Up
6. New Neighbors and Local Politics

We’re in a new region, with new neighbors and a new dynamic. This means that we’re updating some aspects of our military operations to ensure we can have an absolute blast while we’re here. Let’s get to it.

1. Staging Info

Our new staging for all your ships and modules is the Fortizar in DO6. The market will continue to be in the DO6 station.

This is very simple. All fleets will be forming up and leaving from the Fortizar. All of your fitted ships and extra modules should be in the Fortizar. The Fort is a superior staging option due to several game mechanics. Tethering is great. If you take a break from EVE for a few weeks, you won’t have to worry that your assets might be permanently trapped, due to the asset safety feature.

Since there’s been a bit of lag time between the move announcement and this post, I imagine many of you will have some assets in the station. Move those into the fortizar now. That’s going to be our staging for the foreseeable future.

Do I need to remind you to pack light? Remember: No single system in EVE is a forever home.

Other important systems
Most of you are at least somewhat familiar with the ADM mechanic now. If not, you can learn about it here. We need to have people shooting rats and mining rocks in systems besides DO6H-Q to keep up the ADM. A high ADM is the best defense against being entosised. Maintaining ADM is the responsibility of every member living with us in null. Let’s keep those ADMs high and keep our systems safe.

GMlyLJQ2. Doctrine Updates

Before we get to the new doctrines, let’s talk about the ones you should already have.

The Brave Hangar List on the wiki is a handy guide to tell you what you should aim to have stocked at all times. It’s likely you’ll have extra ships beyond those, but the hangar list represents the minimum of what we ask everyone to have. Please be sure to have these ships fitted up and ready to undock at a moment’s notice. Again, FIT UP YOUR HANGAR LIST SHIPS NOW, DO NOT BE FITTING THEM UP WHEN THE FLEET FORMS – flash forming around here can be the difference between a big kill and letting something get away

We are also introducing a default standing fleet PVP ship: Our Rapid Light Missile Launcher (RLML) Caracal. Every member should have a Caracal in the DO6 Fort. When a neutral gang comes in something that warrants a fleet forming, our default go-to will be Caracals. They are cheap, easy to train, easy to fly, easy to FC and reasonably effective against all ship classes. Everyone get a Caracal, fit it up with RLML fit, and keep it in the DO6 Fort.

If you can fly both a Caracal and a Scythe, have both ready. Caracal fleets need logi bros, and newbro Scythes take three days to train once you’ve completed the two week starter skill plan.

Now, for the new and exciting stuff. First, an expansion on our existing doctrines: T2 Logi fits for the Oneiros and Basilisk. We’ll accept the Oneiros in our ANI fleets in addition to Guardian logi. We will also accept the Basilisk (you’ll want a minimum of four Basis in fleet) in our Hurricane and Maelstrom fleets. Same SRP levels as other T2 logi.

They should be on the wiki and in-game before the weekend.

Next, we are going to push two new T1 cruiser doctrines: Beam Mallers and Artillery Ruptures.

The fits are as follows. Again, they should be on the main doctrine wiki and in-game before the weekend.


These doctrines will give us better flexibility to take the type of fights that are common in this part of space, and will also act as useful tools for training members to use the stratop doctrines that correspond to these: ANIs and Canes. A Maller flies exactly the same as an ANI, just with a bit less damage and HP. Arty Ruptures function the same as a Cane, just faster, less damage and less tank. The big advantage of the T1 cruiser is that the hulls are cheap. Mallers also insure much better than ANIs. The corresponding T1 logi also insures much better than the T2 logi used with ANIs and Canes, and these fleets will be really great training for aspiring logibros.

3. Home Defense, Or, Making Our Space Safer One Fiery Explosion at a Time

To quote our illustrious Logistics Director n0rman: “It’s not a ‘defend-me’ fleet. It’s a defense fleet.”

If you are in the defense fleet, you are the defense fleet. Yes, you in the Condor. Yes, you in the Procurer. Yes, you in your bling Bhaalgorn. Mutual defense is critical to making Fade a place where we can not only live, but thrive.

Defense fleet should be doing things as one unit. One force. One hammer. If a friendly gets tackled in DO6 by a small gang, all available pilots should move to assist, including ratters. If you can tackle, ewar, shoot or put drones on a bad guy, you should be warping to help out anyone that’s tackled. After all, you want them to do the same when you get tackled, right?

The key to being an effective member of the defense fleet lies in taking the following steps:

1. Be in standing fleet
2. Be in the appropriate comms
3. Watch and report intel in the “7o Intel” channel
4. Help your fellow Braves
5. Have a RLML Caracal ready to undock at all times

We’ve been thrilled to see you guys organically take up this mindset already. That is no small credit to the formal and informal leaders in this alliance who have been leading the charge in this realm. This post is direction from the top to keep doing what you’ve been doing in the Fade standing fleets. Help your buds, prepare yourselves to fight and always, always be Brave.

4. SRP Update

As a reminder, our current SRP levels are as follows.

Fun Fleet – 100% SRP for dictors on fleets led by a tagged FC.
Stratop Fleet – 100% for pretty much everything but DPS and frigate tackle. This includes T1 and T2 logi, ewar, entosis ships, hictors, dictors, recons and links.

We’re introducing a third level.
Critical Fleet – 100% SRP for all ships requested by the FC, including DPS. This means essentially every ship in the fleet, but we will not SRP your Raven if you undock it on a Maelstrom fleet.

Critical fleets will be used only for the highest priority objectives, such as defending an important asset in our home or attacking a very critical strategic target. I don’t see this being used in the near future as we are not at war with any of our neighbors, but it’s an expansion of our toolbox.

The word stratop was too vague in its use. In Querious, we used it when helping our allies defend an IHUB in a low-priority system and also to attack an enemy staging fortizar. Obviously there is a large difference in priority between those two. Moving forward, Stratop fleets will be used to designate fleets that are doing something important, but not absolutely vital to Brave. Critical fleets will be for the highest priority objectives. Fun fleets will still comprise the vast majority of our fleets.

I still think SRP is meh but we need people in critical fleet roles right now. Fair warning: Don’t be surprised if you see SRP amounts reduced in the future.

5. Querious Wrap-Up

We should be fully extracted from Querious at this point. The Fortizar in I1Y was safely unanchored and scooped by us. We still retain access to the I1Y station for now, but that access is expected to be cut off shortly. If, for some reason, you still have assets in Querious, get them out now.

There is one buyback still serving I1Y and U-H – Zansha Expansion buyback. Unless you have a deep and lasting personal attachment to any remaining Querious items (if so, why did you leave them stranded in the first place, you monster?), make it easy on yourself and sell your items to the buyback. Otherwise, haul them out them now, as in now, before it’s too late.

This nifty video from UltraCow reflects on some of the fun times we had in the Q. I felt all tingly and warm watching it.

6. Neighbors and Politics

Main thing to know here is do not entosis anything in any northern region without being directed to do so by someone who should know.

I’ve saved this section for last because it has very little impact on our day-to-day, but I know some of you are interested in a deeper understanding of where we live. Below is a brief explainer.

Fade and the surrounding northern regions were settled after World War Bee by various members of the Money Badger Coalition, or MBC, the coalition that successfully removed Goonswarm from the northern regions of space (including Fade). The MBC members largely agreed to non-interference pacts, or NIPs, with each other. Essentially they created a northern fight club without any rules other than “Bring fun fights and don’t be a dick.” Again, there are no hard and fast rules here, so if you see someone saying “no cloaky camping allowed” or “no capital ships allowed” – they are wrong.

We live near dozens of fairly active PVP alliances. Pandemic Horde is close by in 7RM in Pure Blind, and they own ratting space in western Fade. Both make for great roaming destinations. Spaceship Samurai (Friends of Horde) and GoonSwarm (DJ Goons, remember them?) live in southwest Fade.

Guardians of the Galaxy is a coalition comprised of alliances living in Deklein and Branch. The leader of the coalition is from the alliance Darkness. Mordus Angels, or MOA, have lived in eastern Pure Blind for years. Western Pure Blind is occupied by Agony Empire (also remember them?) and Pure Blind Cartel, a largely Russian-based group.

Northern Coalition also has some space in Deklein, as well as a keepstar in 93PI in Pure Blind. Pandemic Legion stages in X-07.

Generally we can expect any of these groups to be flying in and around our space. However, they shouldn’t be entosising our stuff. If for some reason that happens, we do what we’ve always done and jam the fuck out of them, neutralize the threat to us and then let diplos sort it out.

Regarding the recent shakeup in Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s expected to have little to no impact on us, so no worries there.

The frenchies have done great work in establishing positive ties with the surrounding groups in the area, which has been great. We may band together with some locals to fight other locals for fun, depending on the situation. For example, Horde and NC. have been fighting a bit, so we may throw in with Horde on a battle and combine our newbie might. But we might also just third party everything. The default rules of engagement in Brave still applies: If it’s not blue, you shoot it. We’ll do our best to sort any temp blues needed to reduce confusion, but always listen to the FC if you are told not to shoot certain neutrals.

Nobody knows how long this atmosphere of fun fights without sov war will last in the north, but we expect at least another couple of months. IMO as long as it’s fun for members and nobody gets too greedy, it could go on for a long time. For us, it’s simple: we’ll focus on having as much fun as we can while we’re here. It should be a good time :)