Military Update – April 2017

Kinera, makes his first Military Update as Brave Military Director. We imagine he did this laying naked on a bear skin rug, next to a roaring fire, lap top on belly and sipping on a fine chardonnay whilst wistfully taking breaks to peel a Polly-O string cheese. As always notes in this color are our own.

Catch Status Update and Standing Orders – READ THIS PART
We’re now reasonably settled into Catch, and with the initial excitement with PL and the Fortizars the pressure has lifted off us a bit. That doesn’t mean we can afford to become lazy or sloppy however. We will be pursuing a couple of objectives in the next few weeks in order to keep ourselves on our toes.

Firstly, in conjunction with the Coalition, we will be maintaining pressure on StainWagon coalition assets in Stain. This is to ensure that they do not become resurgent and in a position to threaten our Sov in Catch or be a pain in the ass, as well as to ensure that the many valuable resources in Stain remain under the control of either us or our allies.

I also expect that we’ll continue to skirmish with both PL and elements of goons as they both remain deployed in Curse, very near to us.

Our other main priority at the moment is to build our strength. As a line member it is your responsibility to put yourself in a position to defend our sov. The alliance will do what it can to aid with this, and on that note we’re looking at a few concepts I’m going to keep close to my chest for now. That said, our personal priorities at the minute should be geared around the following three points:

  1. Train your main into our top end big three doctrines (Maels, Canes, ANIs)
  2. Get your income sources set up. We encourage you to diversify your income sources so should our sov be put under pressure from campers or whatever you can still guarantee yourself the resources to defend it.
  3. Train capital ships – Dreads on alt characters, carriers on your main. Brave has capital SRP, and a whole host of people willing to teach you how to cap. Caps have never been cheaper thanks to the mineral crash, and with injectors galore there has never been a better time to make the leap into big atrons.

Ensuring we can pull substantial numbers in our core doctrines, with a cap group to back that up is critical to building our strength. Additionally, any new, more advanced, doctrines we introduce will be based around the assumption that you have this core trio trained to enable easy cross trains, so get it done!

Military Team is Recruiting
Both the FC team and recon are looking for new blood.

The FC team is always looking for new people to step up and lead their fellow Bravelings’s into glorious battle. Whether you aspire to just have fun, or you want to be the next Elo Knight, FC team is the place to start. The requirements are simple: Run a fleet or two to show interest and then drop Kinera a DM on slack.

With the help of Genii Cucullati we now have a huge stash of his favourite dessies to give a way for free to anyone who wants to try out FCing! Just ask an existing FC to help you ping and grab the ships from the hangar and off you go. He even wrote a handy doctrine on his dessies, which you can read here.

Want to help out in other ways? The Recon team is looking for new folks who prefer the more spooky side of PvP. Reconnaissance, military intelligence, scouting, and generally knowing everything is what these folks do, and they could use your help. The requirements are to have been in Brave for at least 3 months, be on Brave Slack, and be on Mumble with a working microphone. Those interested can contact The Random One on slack for more info, or just fill out the application form.

Doctrine Changes
Now the good stuff. I’ve been going over our current doctrine lineup in order to streamline things down a bit and maybe make a bit of room for new things.

The current highlight is a new doctrine: Jackdaws

That’s right, we’re shelving the beloved but decidedly outdated Harpies and introducing Jackdaws. While the Jackdaw isn’t quite as fast or quite as small, its massive resists, selectable damage, perfect application, and ability to stay on grid is extremely valuable. Also it does a lot more damage.

The other pro is that Jackdaws create a really nice progression both skill and experience wise from Talwar/Corax (incl stratop DICKS fit) >> Caracal >>> Jackdaw. These things are just tanky talwars with selectable damage type and stuff, hence why current and budding FCs should start doing Talwar fleets to get used to em. We may look into getting our hands on a nice stockpile of free Talwars to help out with this. In line with that, we’re purging Corms, Thrashers, and Ruptures from our doctrine list. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t fly em as a fleet, they’re still amazing little doctrines I’d encourage anyone interested to take out, it just means that they’re not on the wiki doctrine page any more.

A couple of notes for Jackdaw pilots: Make sure to train up those missile skills (including range skills!) or you’re going to be a very sad panda. Fury missiles are a huge boost in damage, t2 launchers give more damage, you need base ranges, etc. When flying in a fleet you should operate in sharpshooter mode as default. Treat defense mode like a hardener: only use if you’re primary or if you’re being bombed. FC might call for Speed mode in bursts to keep mobile.

We’ll try and get all the fittings and details on the Jackdaw on the wiki ASAP, but for now here is a handy document courtesy of Mr. John LiWang [PLEASE READ].

We’re looking at a number of other potential changes and/or new doctrines, so keep your eyes peeled. Skills survey soon ™ also.

Minor Changes

  • Small changes have been made to SRP rates for links ships and what ships are SRPed when. Fundamentals remain the same, full details are on the wiki page for SRP.
  • FC team changes: Alroyz is now a full FC, todd10000, Motre, and Pohds are newly (re-)christened skirmish FCs, and Marcus de Leon is stepping away from the FC team for a bit for RL. LPM will also be taking a less active role due to RL stealing him away from us.
  • Kinera is the captain now, so our Maelstrom fleet is being renamed back to its original and traditional name of Alphafleet.