My First Brave Fleet – 6th Place (1)

6th Place (1)
My First Brave Fleet
Prize: 350m ISK
Author: Next2one

My first Fleet with Brave.

Right, ready for some action. My previous attempts to join the standing fleet resulted in my Kestral chasing (very slowly) after 2 Navy Slicers as everyone on grid looks on in disbelief. The end result was predictably bad, however my pod got out…. So I’ve got that going for me.

Back to the first real fleet. We group up and align to a gate. (A quick google explained what align was). As we arrive at the gate the FC tells us to jump…. At the exact same moment some grey ship arrives on the l1y side of the gate. This seemed to ruffle a few feathers with the fleet… but I secretly was happy that the little guy got away. It seemed sad to have 20 of us shoot 1 of him. I know I need to beat this basic humanity out of me if I want to play eve. It’s a work in progress.

I wish I could write more about the action that took place in the roam, however I didn’t really follow everything. Something called a rattlesnake got away from us while he was “ratting”. This seems like a natural thing for a snake to be doing – killing rats – so again I was torn between wanting to let him live, and my greater hatred of snakes in general.

The rest of the roam consisted of us getting back to the home system and attempting to break a gate camp that had been harassing us most of the evening. From what I understand their fit is where aids and cancer come from. The fleet managed to kill a few of them I think (I was too late to the fight to get a killmail).

All in all, it was very fun to see the vast expanse of space and listen to the various accents on mumble. Everyone was very welcoming and I look forward to the next roam. Thanks Bravebros.

One of my very own fleets and a better AAR than my own (because I didn’t write one, what a scrub). One day we will remove this… “empathy” thing you seem to have for neutrals but until then, keep flying and keep sight seeing. Soon enough, maybe even already, you’ll get some intense pew pew and you’ll be on the other side: running away from a 20 man fleet with your heart racing and your loot quivering in the cargo hold. Notes in Blue Are Our Own.