My Second Taste of Eve Online – 3rd Place

Third Place
My Second Taste of Eve Online
Prize: 350m ISK
Author: ahriphinari

A great demonstration of why joining an active, good corporation is the number one piece of advice for any newbro joining the game. EVE has immense depth and complexity and once the diplomatic stuff is added in things just get even deeper. The “crafting” system alone must have hundreds of components and literally thousands of products. I’ve been playing the game on and off for a few years and I have just scratched the surface, there are people who have been playing for a decade and have still yet to experience it all. I’m glad you found us! Notes in Blue are our own.

When I first discoverd EvE Online, it was in a small video posted on the internet about two years ago. The video showed what I now know was “Planetary Interaction” also known as “PI”.

I signed up on the same day thinking that EvE is like any other game. But damn I was so wrong. Soon after starting I discovered that there is SO MUCH more to EvE than I initailly thought there could be.

This is where my problems began. I had absolutely no Idea what I was supposed to be doing…

After trying and failing at the agent mission and attacking a fellow capsule in high sec and being destroyed by CONCORD I landed in my capsule.

Clueless to what I was supposed to do now I quit the game thinking “now I know why they call it a Cliff instead of a learning curve”.

Now two years later I tried again and damn it was a completely different experience this time because of you guys, my Corp.

After I lost my first venture I got an E-Mail inviting me to BRAVE Newbie´s and man I am so glad I joined up !

I met so many amazing people…I don´t even know where to begin. It´s almost like going abroad thinking I might be in over my head here but I also might have the best time ever.

Everybody in BRAVE has been so friendly and I still can´t believe the amount of support I have been receiving to this day. All the time I ask “stupid newbie questions” and no matter how basic or difficult it is someone is always there to answer me and that´s not what I thought I would get going into this game at all.

EvE for me is a new world within a world. There is so much to learn it´s like Virtual Reality within a reality (if that makes sense).

I heard people within BRAVE and outside of the Corp saying things like :

” it´s like learning how to learn about something so vast that it can´t be explained in a simple way” or ” For the first time since leaving college I had to ´study´ again”

That my BRAVE friends is exactly what I thought no video game would ever be able to do. Actually wanting to learning everything there is to it. I like going into depth into whichever endeavor I am pursuing. Going all in so to speak.

I am only able to do that thanks to all the overwhelming support from you guys. Absorbing knowledge through osmosis would come in handy here.

I thank you and god for all the new people from all over the world I’ve had the pleasure of meeting over my brief period with you BRAVE.

As you can tell I like meeting new people and learning new things. I would never have believed that we could have what we do have in our corp. People helping each other out to reach higher and higher or deeper and deeper into the unknown territories of deep space.

Faith in humanity and video games restored.

Thanks for reading. o7