Nancy Crow: Hello Everyone! Status update and future shenanigans

Howdy my brave pilots! It’s probably been a little while since most of y’all have heard from me :D. I terribly miss you guys and think of each one of you at night before I go to sleep. I can’t wait to get this RL shit over with to get back to being brave as much as I want. If you hadn’t heard, I started a new job being a roadie for Motely Crew in the beginning of December and am still halfway through finding an apartment and moving.


I’m currently “renting” a “room” see picture above from a friend while I work my shit out, and only have my puny laptop… Works been fun, but demanding, and apartment shopping sucks and is super time consuming in such a competitive market. Fingers crossed, I should have a place and be moved in by the end of the month, perhaps first week of Feb.

Anyways, while I’ve been off in RL land, I entrusted the day to day operations to all the directors, CEO, and other cancerous Grrrrrr middle management. BE-FR and AMD have been doing awesome taking care of themselves, and faction warfare has been bringing us content and some isk sources. While my communication skills during the last few weeks have been somewhat atrocious, and I apologize for that, some good things have been happening. More new FCs are stepping up to lead fleets. Recruitment is decent, and dojo has been stepping up. BE-FR and AMD have helped troll the CFC and moved down to Querious to get in on the fun times there. I’ve still been holding off on any return to nullsec for BNI, waiting for us to feel like we’ve stabilized, we are starting to hit our stride better, and are ready to start our next adventure. Though things haven’t necessarily been running perfectly smoothly in my mostly-absence, I feel like we are improving and are ready to do some awesome things.


We certainly have opportunities open to us, depending on which leaks you prefer (I haven’t frequented r/eve as much lately). See above

So this isn’t as much an announcement, but more of a pre-announcement, so apologies for that… We are ensuring we do our due diligence (or as much as can be expected :D) to make sure our super duper secrets opsec plans can go as smoothly as possible. We will be having some more official announcements this weekend about our plans and upcoming operations that will be starting this weekend and running over the next week or so. Start getting your shit packed a bit, cash in your LP, and get ready for this weekend! Keep an eye out for announcements, classes, and any fleets to make sure we are at our best! Keep checking my favorite website and their twitter

PS – Quick shout out to Avalloc who has been running our merch site for quite a while (the giant flag was awesome at Vegas). The proceeds from that help fund our IT costs for the various services. He’s trying to do a big sale to clear out the last of the stock, so go ahead and grab some cheap brave gear!

-Nancy Crow

*Words in blue and images are the artistic interpretative dance that Nancy Crow may not have said, but certainly motioned to with his hands under the table.