Pending New Inties Doctorine

These fitting have been through the meat grinder when it comes to testing. These are meant for Fleet engagements and not solo warfare. They are not built to Dps but to do thier job and tackle and not die.

The versions of the Inties are noted by the Ring of Hell. With 7th Ring of hell being the hardest to kill and 1st having the highest dps. As versions continue to follow the path of 7th Ring(Tank)  —> 1st Ring(Dps).

The 7th Ring of Hell versions are what I would classify as “Heavy Tackle”. The raptor with buffs reaches 7k+ effective buffer tank with ability to self repair 100-150 per sec. While limited with mids to do other things other than point, it can tank caracals, ishtars, and cerbs with no problem.

Both 6th and 7th ring of hell versions of the Raptor can tank 12 bombs @ the ships lowest resistance and still live with inty 5 and links. They can tank 7 with MWD on.

The 6th Ring of Hell version loses self reps in exchange for Higher buffer tank and a mid to be changed out to whatever the fleet needs. Most of the time it will be used with webs/tp.  If fitting skills allow it, the guns can be changed out to higher dps ions for better range and dps.

The 7th Ring of Hell Malediction while suffering from lower buffer tank, has a Much lower sig and higher self repairing ability that is unmatched by the above Raptor.  With Lower sig, Faster speed, Longer Scram, Better self reps the Malediction can venture further out in the battle field and rely less on Fleet reps and is able to defend itself in a 1v1 much better than the Raptor.

These new inties will be able to stay on grid in the fight much longer than the old crow. And with a Speed of 5500+ with boosts is able to get onto target fast.

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